Isla Fisher Covers InStyle UK February 2009

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You remember I told you I love watching a romantic comedy from time to time…Well, one of my last ones was Definitely.. Maybe. Not your average romantic scenario but a good one nevertheless.

Starring, one of my favorite next-door-girls (plus a little extra, for her beautiful smile) is Isla Fisher. Who covers the February issue of InStyle UK magazine as the Rom-Com Queen. And after reading the few lines I got from the interview, my suspicions were confirmed – she is, indeed, a funny, smart person with her feet firmly set on the ground. (more after the jump)

Isla Fisher Instyle UK February 2009 cover

Talking about the true Hollywood, she even confessed her first glimpse of the glamour was a big agent saying that she was very talented but when she asked him in what she saw her acting, he simply said “Nothing”! Someone who’s that plain and sincere and thinks Lauren Hutton is a beauty ideal (because of her laughter lines, especially) rarely makes a fashion hit when buying something. But there’s no wrong in being normal, is there? (via)

Isla Fisher Instyle UK February 2009


#1 Dolly Bird on 01.07.09 at 1:17 pm

Thanks for the introduction to this ravishing girl Kpriss.I had no idea who she was.I noticed ‘’ cleverly included above her name. You cheeky girl!

#2 Ellington on 01.07.09 at 2:23 pm

Isla is lovely and funny! I enjoyed her in Wedding Crashers. She and Sacha Baron-Cohen make a lovely couple and he is very funny too!

#3 Adriana on 01.07.09 at 5:43 pm

I’ve never seen her in any movie yet. I know who she is. Reading Isla’s line on Hollywood: that becomes a more and more like a very sad place for women. And a bad example….but that’s not new….sighs…No, there’s nothing wrong in being normal. Let’s write that down somewhere I can read it because I begin to have doubts…..

#4 kpriss on 01.08.09 at 6:51 pm

Dolly Bird, you eagle eye!

Ellington, Wedding Crashers was a really fun movie! Loved it!

Adriana, you should see one of her movies. I found Definitely…Maybe (the last one) more grown up than the others, but there’s no stopping you from a blast with Wedding Crashers! ;)

Oh, and being normal is the absolute heaven bliss one could ever dream of!

#5 Adriana on 01.09.09 at 4:44 am

Kpriss, Ellington I would love to see a film with Isla! I trust your opinions.
I just read in my newspaper that her husbands new film ‘with the long name’, so in short ‘Bruno’ for me, has shocked the US audiences? We here are not that easily shocked. I found some clips on YouTube and I had to laugh loud! I needed that…..

#6 Rob Schneider rules on 02.17.10 at 6:37 pm

I loved her in Home and Awaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!! No, not really.

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