Emma Watson’s Dress For The Tale Of Despereaux LA Premiere

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Let’s think about this for a minute – you’re a bright, straight-A, gorgeous young woman. All lenses upon you when you show up somewhere. Anywhere. You have a movie to promote. Animation. For children, mainly. What do you put on?

Emma Watson’s answer to that was a mini blue dress with sheer arms, no back, with corset. Matching that daring dress with a pair of semi gladiator high heels sandals (looking mighty cheap, I’d say) she was almost saying “look at me, I’m young, gorgeous, self absorbed and I don’t care what you all think, I might as well show it all!”. And the news associate the blue mini dress pictures (who signs that dress, anyway? I kinda miss her Burberry days!) with her talking about taking all her clothes off in a movie. In the right movie… What movie would that be, if she’s showing us (almost) everything for an animated movie premiere? (photos via celebutopia)

Emma Watson Tale of Despereaux premiere LA


#1 Ellington on 12.08.08 at 9:57 pm

Emma Watson is a pretty girl who is becoming a pretty woman.
I think what she is trying to do and show is, that she is All Grown Up and ready to take on ingenue roles.
As for the dress and the shoes I have seen her in lovelier things. I too miss her in Burberry.

#2 Dolly Bird on 12.09.08 at 12:19 am

She’s so sweet. I feel she’s still searching her style but I don’t like this dress.

#3 stella j on 12.09.08 at 4:22 am

don’t like the dress. don’t like the shoes. she should dress more her age.

#4 Adriana on 12.09.08 at 8:25 am

Nothing wrong with Emma, the dress or the shoes.
Kpriss, it wouldn’t surprise me if she thought what you described! She’s 18? Soit!

#5 Sal on 12.09.08 at 2:24 pm

Definitely seen worse, and on younger actresses … but it does seem an odd choice.

#6 kpriss on 12.10.08 at 6:42 am

Now that’s the drama of the label-role. I still think about Emma like I did about sweet, smart Hermione. I sometimes can’t tell the difference.. Except when I see her dressed like that!

Reading you I thought I’d be more patient, she’s only 18, after all. Who wouldn’t be mixed up at such a tender age?

#7 Profashionelle on 12.16.08 at 2:50 am

I love this dress & shoes on Emma. She looks fierce in her navy ensemble.

Btw, she’s wearing William Tempest and Nine West “Dasolina” heels.

#8 Shahrukh on 04.12.09 at 3:16 pm

Emma watson looks nice in anything. she has natural beauty

#9 lindsay on 05.02.09 at 9:39 pm

love the dress.she looks beautiful

#10 Shahrukh on 05.03.09 at 3:02 pm


#11 Sarah on 11.18.09 at 4:04 pm

Honestly, are you a fashion expert? Because with this review, doesn’t seem like it at all.

I admit, It isn’t the best outfit, but what exactly is wrong with it?

The length is not inappropriate, nor is the fit or the shoes.

Have you seen celebrities these days? Emma’s not showing her bra or undies, her dress is tight or revealing.

What do you expect her to wear to an animated movie premiere? A mouse costume or a pink and blue polka dotted dress. She’s not 13 anymore.

Try to be a little more considerate next time and start paying attention to fashion.

Well best of luck. :)

#12 arianna on 02.19.11 at 5:49 pm

wow, really, this outfit is beautiful. She’s 18/19 years old, not 10, this is definitely age-appropriate. she looks gorgeous, as always.

#13 Roxy on 05.31.11 at 7:07 pm

Pfft, your description dramatised this dress so much. OOOH! She showed her arms by wearing a dress with sheer sleeves! “No back”? Erm, only half her back is showing, the dress covers the whole of her lower back, and then some. The skirt is at a decent length and the dress is fitting but not tight. The ‘corset’ doesn’t even push her bobs up, but rather hold them in place and covers them up, revealing nothing. “What movie would that be, if she’s showing us (almost) everything for an animated movie premiere? ” God you’re such a drama queen and blow this waaay out of proportion. What is this? The Middle East, where a bit of leg, arm or back is forbidden? Don’t critise other celebs if you think this is a sl*tty and inappropriate dress.
And why the hell would any one care about the price of her shoes, unless they’re the ones buying them?

#14 Viola on 05.31.11 at 7:19 pm

They currently cost 80.95 pounds ($133.59 US) ON SALE, so I’m guessing her shoes cost at least 100 pounds ($165 US). That is a LOT OF MONEY for a pair of shoes for one night, as celebrities can’t wear the same thing twice without the media being all over them, calling them cheapskates and whatnot. So, no miss Prissy, her shoes were not cheap, especially considering the situation. Just because shes a millionaire it doesn’t mean she’s going to spend all that money on shoes, she’ll need it for something she’ll want to do later in her life.

#15 kpriss on 05.31.11 at 10:57 pm

@Roxy, it may have been a bit out of proportions, but seeing her like that, it made me think of my kids, of them attending a movie premiere as lead by someone dressed like her. (not that they would actually get to see her and what she’s wearing, their excitement would be overwhelming and blinding, but a mother is always over protective, so I guess that’s where I get my “drama” from)

@Viola the remark was justified as I did not see a matching in the dress and the shoes style (I’m partially answering Roxy’s comment as well), and what I meant by cheap was that their particular shape and appearance can easily be found at counterfeit boutiques. I appreciate you standing up and defending her spending money wisely, but what she’s wearing, head to toes, are most certainly freebies, it’s hard to believe she actually went to the mall and chose that dress and those shoes for this movie premiere ;) .

#16 shoma on 12.10.11 at 5:25 am


#17 elesabeth on 03.31.12 at 8:13 am

i think she is beautiful with this dress and shoes and i love her so match … she is always amazing

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