Emma Watson Unrecognizable In New Overphotoshopped Lancome Campaign

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As much as I love Lancome, I fail to understand their marketing strategy. They must have one, right? Their products are so good (at least their mascara is and I’m sure that those of you using Lancome beauty products / cosmetics can testify to that and beyond) but their marketing is so bad!

Why, oh why do you keep on over photoshopping your ads? The purpose of using a famous person in your ads, Lancome, is to recognize that particular person. What good from photoshopping someone beyond recognition? Where’s the celebrity trigger? Gone, gone, gone!

Emma Watson’s new Lancome ad campaign is a perfect example to all the above: they overretouched Emma to the point where she doesn’t look like herself anymore but more like a plastic cgi rendition bearing a distant resemblance to the famous Emma Watson.

Emma Watson photoshopped beyond recognition Lancome campaign

Wait: is that what your new product does, Lancome? Erases one’s face beyond recognition?

Emma Watson new Lancome campaign image

Two more images have surfaced, from Emma’s Lancome advertorial mission, and luckily, they’re better than the first one we talked about. Either that or they haven’t met the Photoshop team yet!

Emma Watson new image from Lancome ad  campaign


#1 ana on 01.22.13 at 10:56 am

On the first picture, put a long hair and you get Julia Roberts!!!

#2 kpriss on 01.22.13 at 1:11 pm

they must have this photoshop action template somewhere called ‘standard print action’ – play and ta-daaaah! the magic unfolds before out eyes, regardless of who’s representing! So disappointing!

#3 ana on 01.22.13 at 2:23 pm

I still think that the “stars” do have a bit of a voice if they dont want to be photoshoped.
But then, there is the issue of limiting /castrating the artist s (photographer in this case ) creativity. Case in point ,the recent portrait of Kate Middleton.

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