Cate Blanchett Does Vogue UK In January 2009

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It’s that time of the month when we review the upcoming issues from our favorite magazines. Because we can, and because it’s worth talking about these absolutely superficial, completely stylish and decadently fashionable magazines!

After that magic December issue, Vogue UK starts the New Year showing the unexpectedly fresh attitude of a regal face: Cate Blanchett. As I’ve said it before, I like Cate. Her versatility, her art of being natural and almost shy, discrete and so impossible to overlook. It’s not an issue meant to sweep you off your feet. I’d say it’s more a quiet, tranquil and pleasant issue, perfect for the Holidays hangover. After that Fashion Fantastic December UK Vogue, this January 2009 comes like a disappointment? (photos via tfs)

Cate Blanchett Vogue UK January 2009 cover

Cate Blanchett Vogue UK January 2009 2 Cate Blanchett Vogue UK January 2009 3

Cate Blanchett Vogue UK January 2009 4 Cate Blanchett Vogue UK January 2009 5


#1 Sal on 12.02.08 at 3:14 pm

I’m relatively sure that Cate can do no wrong, and LOVE her beautifully neutral cover face. She’s a goddess, if you ask me!

#2 Adriana on 12.02.08 at 4:15 pm

Yes, that December Vogue UK cover was magic if you’ve seen real life photos of the model that posed for it!

Now this Cate with a “C” can’t do now wrong. She’s a great actress and I’m told by someone who has seen her very close-by she’s that beautiful in real life!! And friendly as well. As she is looks this cover. A natural beauty.

#3 Dolly Bird on 12.03.08 at 6:24 am

Uhhm This looks like a Company or Grazia or Good Housekeeping cover to me. Not Vogue.
I like Cate too but I think they failed on the ‘less is more’ approach to this cover.

#4 Ellington on 12.03.08 at 11:07 am

I like this cover and I love Cate Blanchett.
Its a nice respite from the Christmas covers, like the calm after the storm.
Sometimes understated is needed.

#5 kpriss on 12.05.08 at 7:49 am

At least we all agree that she’s a beautiful, special woman!

Now about Vogue and their cover choices.. well… Sometimes I’m glad I don’t have something like this on my shoulders! One month it’s magic, the next it’s good housekeeping! :) But it’s still Vogue! And a little controversy is always sweet!

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