Fashion Meet Blog: Ilya Fleet Bags

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When I found these handbags, the only thing that came to my mind was the blog culture. I trust you’ve all seen by now how the blogosphere promotes its fashionistas – throughout pictures. Everyday pictures of yourself outfitted with whatever comes to your mind. Regardless its actual wearable factor or if authenticity, it just matters that you posted your pictures with “your outfit of the day”.

But I kid you not, this kind of blogging can create addiction. Such was the case when a very blogverse-renowned just disappeared, taking with her the shopping spree of inspiration that her site was sending in the blogverse (rumor has it she’s back). However, getting back to the bags – they’re pretty. Even more. Practical, urban and attractive, Ilya Fleet bags collection is a truly good one. (more pictures after the jump)

Fleet Ilya Handbags Collection Fall Winter 2008

The Bag Collection is called “Classic” and it combines leather and fabric in a most ethnic and simple way. I like them because they’re simple, with clear cuts, but also sophisticated enough to catch even the most superficial eye. Regardless of the Juergen Teller-ish photo style, the push-the-button-with-the-most-flash-setting pictures do not damage the handbags.

Fleet Ilya Handbags Collection 2008

Ilya Fleet means Ilya Fleet and Resha Sharma. Resha is the art-coordinator and Ilya is the brain and the working talent. Ilya, the son of a Russian sculptor, was initiated and trained in his leather works by Robin Cochrine, a master saddler and craftsman. And that influence is easily felt in his “Classic” bag collection, wouldn’t you say so?

Fleet Ilya Handbags Collection Fall Winter 2008 2009
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#1 Ellington on 08.20.08 at 4:23 pm

Nifty bags! I like them and they will not look dated.

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