Calvin Klein White Label Ads With Doutzen And Gabriel

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As much as I like Doutzen (and dislike Aubrey), the latest ad campaign for Calvin Klein White Label doesn’t touch me at all.

They may be two of the most beautiful faces of the moment but these pictures aren’t natural. Doutzen seems to be uncomfortable, there’s one picture where she’s looking like someone who wants to escape the situation. Second of all, the clothes aren’t so surprising. Sure, they’ve got a clean cut, but nothing extraordinary, just grey-ish and ordinary. Does it look special to you? At least this picture with the black cardigan could’ve been any, not necessarily Calvin Klein. But I guess that when you’re on top of the game, you can reinvent the plain white paper and say it’s originally yours. Which one of the following pictures look CK 2008-2009 to you? (photos via tfs)

Calvin Klein White Label Ad Campaign Doutzen Kroes Fall Winter 2008 2009

Calvin Klein White label Doutzen Kroes Gabriel Aubrey Fall winter 2008 2009

Calvin Klein White label ads Doutzen Kroes Fall winter 2008 2009

Calvin Klein White label Doutzen Kroes Fall winter 2008 2009

CK white label Doutzen Kroes Gabriel Aubrey Ad Campaign Fall Winter 2008 2009

CK white label Doutzen Kroes Gabriel Aubrey Ads Fall Winter 2008 2009


#1 Ellington on 08.20.08 at 4:32 pm

I like the photo of them reclining on the divan. The clothes are okay and safe, like classic pieces you can use to enhance and add to your wardrobe. : )
I am just curious Kpriss as to why do you not like Gabriel Aubrey?
Do you not like him as a model or as a person? I think he is a good model myself and he seems to be a lovely and supportive paramour to Halle Berry. Also he is a Canadian so for me that is extra bonus points! : )

#2 Dolly Bird on 08.21.08 at 2:53 am

Well the signature white/greyness of CK ads isn’t prevalent in these new ads.They don’t really bother me.Like CK clothes,its clean and classic.Reminds me somehow of Robin Wright wanting to jump out of the balcony in ‘Forest Gump’.Anyway white or dark,CK has never really been the same since the Master retired.

#3 Adriana on 08.21.08 at 6:30 am

I do not like Gabriel Aubrey either I don’t know really why….I believe Doutzen has the same feeling.
These ads looks sad. A couple on the verge of a break-up, hating each other….the woman is lonely or sad but luckily she’s dressed right….to look for a new lover?

I had to look twice: “Is this our fun Doutzen?”

#4 Kaylee on 09.05.08 at 9:29 pm

Well I love them both Doutzen and Gabriel. But you guys are right. THe pictures have a disconnect feeling to them. Like when you are at the end of a relationship and you just don’t give a crap any more.

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