Another Ad Print With Linda Evangelista For Prada FW 2008 2009

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I’m rather puzzled by this Prada set for the Fall Winter ad campaign. And I already told you that when we talked about the first print from this campaign.

Now here’s the second one. Besides the fluffy bag (coming to the rescue of the fluffy flying shoe that we don’t get to actually see this time except for its shadow on the wall) and that lace number they’re spreading for this fall, there’s Linda. Plastic-like-Linda looking dead flirty. And let’s not forget the shadow! That artsy fancy shadow getting people all crazy about their art sense. What’s the story, Prada glory?

Linda Evangelista Prada Fall Winter 2008 2009 Ad Print
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#1 millertime on 07.03.08 at 5:29 pm

I love the whole oddness factor about this new Prada campaign. Mysterious! I can’t help myself…it’s awesome!!

#2 Adriana on 07.05.08 at 8:59 am

What’s the story, Prada glory? I really have no clue. I’ve been thinking and thinking what the message is……
I see no ‘glory’ in plastic fantastic Linda whom is an old fave of mine. Or was? So that’s the first turn-off to me.
I see no ‘glory’ in lies which fashion shoots are these days. Nothing is real, nothing is alive anymore. Its looks dead but since its called art these days…..? I rather go to a museum or a gallery to see art.

Is it me or have I missed something the last seasons? Its like the big labels wants to throw their bags and shoes in our faces and push them to our throats to makes their sales-numbers grow? As we all know these accessories are very important for the business…..

#3 Arnoldo Valerio on 07.06.08 at 3:45 am

If you want to go to a museum you better can wait 2 years, then Miuccia wil open her own museum in Milan. She’s an art lover and collector and will show this to the whole world, you will be surprised what she and her husby have collected. And about Linda why not? She’s still a beautiful woman and are we only focused on the skinny/thin models of today?? Beauty is something what is inside you and not on the outside.

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#5 kpriss on 07.08.08 at 6:52 am

At least it intrigues, you’re right, millertime! Let’s hope that somewhere along the way they’ll demystify the idea too!

Lovely Linda, for you know, Adriana, she was one of my favorites too, is carrying a message too big for her. I think that if it would’ve been one of today’s models instead of a super-Linda, she wouldn’t have made it, the campaign would’ve crushed her instantly.

Agree, Valerio, beauty is on the inside… Then why parade with? Is this ad campaign a sort of prequel for the museum?

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