Artificial Intelligent Scales

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Weight. Gaining weight. Loosing weight. Scales. Calories. Weight. Uh-uh, complete madness, I bet you know!

However, I’m a sincere person, with the others and with myself, these creations really got me wondering if people find such inventions useful. It’s about a set of 3 scales all meant to help you endure your weight war in some at least funny if not stupid ways. The “White Lies” scale is all about positioning. The further you get from the display, the lighter you get. The “Half-Truth” scale involves your partner since the display is on the front of the scale, so you don’t actually get to see it. The “Open Secret” is all about texting – it has no display but it sends a text message to a phone number of your choice.

Alice Wang Artificial Intelligent Scales

Now you’re probably asking yourself why I called these A I Scales. Because their creator, Alice Wang took them as a personal response to Isaac Asimov first law of robotics (A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm) also featured in the movie I, Robot, so if you saw it, you’re imagining how far all this can go. How do you find these scales, honestly?
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