Lindsay Lohan Pro Vintage Campaign

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I asked you once if you were into vintage and now I’ll ask you again (who knows, maybe this campaign will change your mind)…Clothing charity Traid is organizing a Visa fashion swapping event in London and Lindsay is the spokeface for this ethical fashion campaign.

The bad news is that even so, she manages to engage her leggings into the vintage photo shoot along with a Missoni – like printed top that was perfectly beautiful even without the leggings. But I guess that’s as part of her skin as the freckles (you can see the rest of the pictures from the campaign right after the jump).

Lindsay Lohan Traid Visa Pro Vintage Campaign

Other than that, the blue sandals she’s wearing in the photo were she also sits on a Louis Vuitton trunk are truly beautiful. Imagining that’s not Balenciaga (even if they bear a striking resemblance), the deals you get when having enough patience for second hand shops are amazing!

Lindsay Lohan Traid Visa Vintage Campaign

If you’re not into vintage, you should know that even if these photos look appealing and make you think second hand is the milk and honey of budget fashion, Louis Vuitton really isn’t your average thrift!
What (if you’re one of the vintage shoppers) was your most amazing found in a thrift shop?

Lindsay Lohan Traid Visa Vintage Campaign Louis Vuitton Trunk
(photos via dailymail)

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#1 karin on 01.25.10 at 7:58 pm

i love thrift shops they have the coolest stuff i found this green silky top from a babydoll and i paired it with a high waisted leather skirt and lace leggings

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