Mary Kate Olsen’s Fur Bag

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It’s not the person I like or dislike, it’s the way she dresses. She always makes me see her as a victim of some kind just because she dresses or poses in the weirdest ways possible.

Now she must have had a very dear cat that just died or something. Because I don’t care to explain or excuse in any other way her fur-accessorized coat and the almost-ugliest-bag-i-have-ever-seen-in-my-life. On the other hand, it must have been a really big fat cat to make such an enormous tote – you could almost carry Mary Kate in it!
(not a word about matching that outfit altogether and wearing those mucks – none whatsoever except – fashion disastrous!).

Mary Kate Olsen Fur Bag
(photo via popsugar)


#1 Victoria Laza on 11.29.08 at 3:54 pm

I’d take the jacket though.


#2 kpriss on 11.29.08 at 4:02 pm

It’s a normal jacket. If you take the fur collar off… But it’s hard to match in that length and color.

#3 Sofie on 03.24.09 at 8:34 am

Mary Kate is such a fashion inspiration she really expresses herself rather than trying to fit in. Her experimental nature means that her outfits won’t always fit the ‘norm’ but this is what makes them spectacular.

#4 Jessica on 05.28.09 at 1:34 pm

I don’t think its that bad, i’ve seen her in worse!
But its nothing I would ever wear.

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