New Best Selling Bag: The Row Pills Bag By Damien Hirst

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You’d think it’s hard for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to come up with yet another hit – bag! Especially on the verge of the Fiscal Cliff, huh? Think again. There’s no tax increase or decrease that’ll stop the Olsen twins from producing a mass hit bag!

12 such miracle Pill backpacks have been reportedly produced and, for the occasion, The Row enlisted the help of Damien Hirst who took it upon himself to ‘meticulously’ perform the multicolored pill appliqué on the front and the straps of the backpack.

So, not only will you be carrying a very exclusivist black crocodile leather backpack with gold – plated hardware but a true work of art signed by Damien Hirst (there’s an all black version available too, see in the gallery, here). Fashion hotshots vs Fashion fools continues…

The Row must have bag Pills by Damien Hirst

The Row Pills bag by Damien Hirst The Row must have bag Black Pills by Damien Hirst

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#1 Ellington on 12.07.12 at 12:20 pm

I love Damian Hirst’s art and his perspective but this bag collaboration with him and the Olsen sisters leaves me cold.

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