Vogue Russia Loves Fur Auras Covers: Linda Evangelista December 2012

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It’s an interesting end of editorial 2012 for Vogue magazines worldwide! Oldies but goldies, one would say, and in all justice. After discussing the pretty but oh – to – photoshopped Carla Bruni’s Vogue Paris cover, let’s see what Vogue Russia found suitable for the December 2012 cover!

Linda Evangelista as photographed by Karl Lagerfeld in a lush Fendi fur coat. But wait… that cover really reminds me of something I’ve seen not long ago! Naomi Campbell’s gorgeous face popping up from white fur in the middle of Vogue Russia’s December 2008 cover!

And as far as I’m concerned I could very well go ahead and call it a coincidence. Except the passionate and restless tFS people discovered even more furry covers as you can see below. I think it’s now safe to call furry auras a Vogue Russia cover cliché. As for Lagerfeld’s pictorial… we can take a look at it, right after the jump (click here for the gallery!)…

Linda Evangelista Vogue Russia December 2012 vs previous issues

A luxurious black and white pictorial with not just Linda Evangelista but also Toni Garn, Jake Davies, Pierre Francois Mas, Jean Yves Morel and Lee Michelsen, all immortalized by Karl Lagerfeld’s camera. Ekaterina Mukhina styled the ‘Ninochka’ photo story, meant to be a throwback at Greta Garbo’s 1939 romance MGM story (‘Ninotchka‘).

Linda Evangelista Vogue Russia December 2012 Linda Evangelista Toni Garn Vogue Russia December 2012 Linda Evangelista Toni Garn Vogue Russia 2012 December

Linda Evangelista Ninotchka Vogue Russia 2012 December Linda Evangelista by Karl Lagerfeld Vogue Russia 2012 December Linda Evangelista black and white Vogue Russia

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#1 Kimber on 11.26.12 at 6:47 am

This is one fine film adaptation/fashion editorial, with great acting awards to be passed around, particularly to Linda. The original photos, as presented in Vogue Russia, tell a story, and Karl Lagerfeld made a sincere effort to remain true to the original movie. The final picture in the editorial is of a Russian duchess (Linda) solemnly and sadly gazing at her companion, the count, as he is happily taken with his new lover (Toni Gaarn) and partying it up with the three merchants. Unfortunately, this final picture was hastily uploaded at tFS in random order along with the rest of the editorial, and unfortunately, that final and pivotal pic was split in two. Therefore, it was no longer a story, but a set of random pictures that didn’t make much sense and is difficult to appreciate. But this should of no surprise, as this is typical of many at that forum.

And the “furry cover” concept has been around for ages. Linda herself, did it for Flare in 1987. There really isn’t anything “new under the sun” these days, but I do love this new Vogue Russia cover. It’s gorgeous.

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