Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen In Diane Von Furstenberg At The Met Gala

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Meet the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in Met’s Version : The Good – Diane Von Furstenberg ,the good designer who thought her dresses will bring out the best in the twins.

The Bad – One Olsen Bad Dressed in Black. The Ugly – One Olsen Dressed in Gold. Looking at them I can’t decide what evil power blinds two normal, beautiful, rich girls into dressing and looking like hoes.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in Diane Von Furstenberg At the Met Gala
(photos via celebutopia)


#1 Arnoldo Valerio on 05.06.08 at 12:06 pm

Kpriss, they are just two spoild kids. Don’t no how to dress themself and if there is a pic taken of them they play innocent. Look to their faces, they are good actresses, but what will be the comment of the insider journalists? They are fake, and so all what they are/wear and what they ever will do. It’s a hoax, these twins.

#2 Adriana on 05.06.08 at 12:20 pm

That little thing is a fashion icon isn’t she? Why? Sighs….

#3 kpriss on 05.07.08 at 5:19 am

Hoax or not, they’re tainting the face of fashion with their style icons nominations. Ashley looks more put together than Mary Kate The Great Stylist (each time I look at her she seems more aged like a witch, you know the kind, from fairy tales! Young but all wrinkled and with a noticeable hump… sounds familiar?)

#4 Mary Kate Olsen’s Fur Bag — StyleFrizz on 05.11.08 at 2:09 pm

[…] It’s not the person I like or dislike, it’s the way she dresses. She always makes me see her as a victim of some kind just because she dresses or poses in the weirdest ways possible. […]

#5 Sandra C. on 05.22.08 at 7:11 pm

Well, I loved the black dress, but it’s a little bold.. and I hate the shoes, mainly the black one.

#6 kelly on 08.15.08 at 10:54 am

you look stupid you do not look like twins

#7 anna on 09.23.08 at 6:40 pm

um. mary-kate and ashley are just acting out and being who they’ve aspired to be. i personally respect that.

and even if sometimes they may not dress perfect, who are you to judge?

#8 Toni on 10.13.08 at 12:16 pm

nicely said anna! what position are you people in to judge people higher status than you? who will always be better than you! i think that they are so inspirational and what they do is so talented. they are being themselves, what you people think ya shit dont stink? i should think u dont the way u talk about people. take a good look at you before you decide to become a critic on other peoples faults. you aint perfect yanno.

#9 Jessica on 05.28.09 at 1:41 am

The one in gold looks like her hair is going gray… i think the both of them need to go eat a cheese burger, that’s what i think.

#10 clau on 10.27.09 at 6:19 am

I think they just dress like that for publicity.

#11 Michelle on 04.26.10 at 10:43 am

How can you say they are spoilt kids?
They have worked practically their whole lives and haven’t stopped adding things to their career portfolios … they’ve launched so many product lines and ranges, I find it inspiring! Their great actresses, business women, and fashion icons because they have such individual styles! I think they look absolutely fantastic in those dresses. Whores, they are not!

#12 Brookelle on 05.18.10 at 8:37 pm

I agree with toni, & clau they don’t dress for publicity they are paid very large amounts of money to wear those outfits. Yes mary-kate may look like she’s ageing and yes they may look like they need a burger, who cares.. its not your body so don’t worry about it. You people are judging these girls when i’m pretty sure you’ve never met them so you have no idea what they’ve gone through. You people judging they by what they look like, is like you telling Marten Luther King to kiss your ass! Have some respect please. Just because they’re famous and have billions of dollars and maybe have done some unnessecary things but is that really a good reason to judge them and say hurtfull things like that. What if someone told you that you look like you need a burger or that you look old, wouldnt you be just a little bit offended if not alot? Think about it. Treat someone as you would like to be treated,, its only fair and polite.

#13 Jenn on 08.15.10 at 2:30 am

I had an oddly strange dream last night about Full House (it was my favorite show growing up) and upon wakening, I had this urge to see what these two girls were up to now-a-days.

In this photo, I think Ashley looks stunning. But Mary Kate.. oh man, she just looks like death. It breaks my heart because she is such a beautiful girl.

#14 mariam on 09.16.10 at 3:46 pm

they are notorious for a lot maybe now they have to marry and settle down and raise their children

#15 sona on 10.03.10 at 7:16 am

They look like kids wearing their mom`s clothes… None of them look stunning, i`d say.

#16 kiss@ng on 10.25.10 at 7:55 am

i personally think they have great dressing styles and mary kate is definitely someone i sometimes take style pointers and iknow so many others do so too. n dat gold dress is nice but could have done better with some other shoes but hey noones perfect…………………. and it might be quite stressful to always look good….

#17 bnner on 12.20.10 at 1:50 pm

i like the black dress of ashley, but i don’t digg the gold dress

#18 Dia on 02.10.11 at 2:58 am

Like the black dress

#19 Johanna on 05.15.11 at 10:17 am

Where did their style and class go? Mary-Kate and Ashley were known for being classy, stylish and fashion savvy twins. Now Mary-Kate looks like a crac*head (in all senses) and Ashley seems to throw on the first thing she sees, it’s ridiculous. I can’t blame them TOO much, I mean most child stars are known to go downhill after they grow up but I never thought I’d see the day where the Olsen twins would hit rock bottom like that… it’s a bit frightening…

#20 kpriss on 05.15.11 at 2:34 pm

Johanna, it’s true they look a bit strange and Ashley always manages to raise my eyebrows high with her fashion choices!

#21 Lucy on 06.01.11 at 1:57 pm

i think it’s ashley in the gold.. i could be wrong, but i don’t know how she was able to go out in public dressed as that, especiaally being a rolemodel for young girls (i’m an old fan myself – 15yrs old) and the way it draps and the way her hair’s been done (and the colour) make her look so much older than she really is. i guess the black dress isn’t as bad as it’s just ‘grown-up’.

#22 Lucy on 06.01.11 at 1:59 pm

i believe i got it wrong… mary kate’s the gran look-a-like?

#23 kpriss on 06.01.11 at 11:28 pm

Mary Kate is the one dressed in gold – she’ll always stand out as she likes to pout a lot, Ashley, her identical twin sister doesn’t pout and doesn’t favor the hobo look that much.

Here’s a thought – MK may dress like that because she feels so much older than she really is? Entertainment years are like dog years in comparison with normal people…

#24 Santana on 06.16.12 at 9:47 pm

You can tell that Mary-Kate is looking older then Ashley her own twin… I am sorry because I am a BIG fan and love you guys so much but you have to understand that your fans don’t want to see you go down hill after all you’ve done and what you have. You should consider yourselves lucky most people would love to be you and you should never let your fans down. If your having a hard time go to someone and ask for help. Please don’t throw your life away its bad enough to see lindsay lohan throw hers away and other stars don’t need to do the same things. I love every one just as it should be and people just need to start loving themselves even if they don’t want to.

#25 monkey faces on 11.18.12 at 7:46 pm

Are you people retarded ? they are the ultimate fashion victims they represent all those stupid rich girls who do not care about anything in this world apart from their clothes their make up and plastic surgeries. i think they are tragic and they know it. that why they have all those disorders.mary kate is a junky that’s why her face is like a ghost..

#26 Kawissa on 11.19.12 at 10:34 am

@monkey faces: They own a empire worth one billion Us dollars. and you ?? A bus ticket, maybe…

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