Keira Knightley And Her Famous Pout Photographed By Julian Broad

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Today I came across these pictures of Keira Knightley by Julian Broad and it wasn’t something completely new. Coincidentally, today, I came across some interesting piece of news too.

About Keira. And about that completely mind-and-nerves -blowing pout of hers that makes me wish I had some super lightning powers to smash down the laptop screen when seeing another image of oh-so-adored-Keira pulling her mouth-number! Now get ready for your well-earned dose of wisdom without moderation (right after the picture)!

Keira Knightley By Julian Broad

“I think I was pouty when I was 16 or 17 when my first films came out and it’s sort of stuck. Maybe I still do it – it’s when I’m nervous and my neck gets really tense and then that pressure sort of squeezes up to my lips and they push out.”

Keira Knightley Pictures By Julian Broad

This reminds me of some girl I knew once who was very skinny and always wanted some serious behind to show (like black girls have) and because of her constitution, she pushed back her behind and walked like that all the time. When asked why she stood like that, she just answered with the most innocent face ever “I have a back condition, you see, I don’t know the name for that, but it’s something to do with my spine, it’s curved like that!”…
(via, photos via keira-central)

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