Mel B Scary Ultimo Lingerie Ads

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What does it take to have a natural pose for lingerie advertising campaign? Maybe a trained model can do it. Or someone who’s really used with being in the spotlight.

Well Mel B former Scary Spice is here to prove us all wrong! You can be a celebrity first liner for years, you can even dance like a star, you still don’t get what it takes to bear it all (well, almost) in a lingerie shoot.

Mel B Ultimo Lingerie Ads

Ultimo Lingerie has contracted Melanie Brown for serious money (and serious bust measurements, let’s face it) and looking at these pictures I wonder if their bet will work. Melanie looks like she’s holding her breath all time, looking more like she would be posing for some fitness gear more than fine lingerie pieces.

Mel B in Ultimo Lingerie Ad Campaign

Now we could of course go on an talk about Mel’s body and how she looks embarrassed by the shooting, but I would like to draw your attention on a tiny-itsy-bitsy detail – the backgrounds of a lingerie shooting – first you’ve got a terrace or a balcony – like it’s commonly known that every woman loves showing her underwear in the balcony when taking a fresh air stiletto-walk, then you’ve got a bathroom like it’s only natural that we admire ourselves in the bathroom for long minutes before anything…

Mel B in Ultimo Lingerie
Mel B Scary Spice in Ultimo Lingerie

I don’t know about you, but my time is so measured up and I’m always on the run that carrying my lingerie self on the balcony or in the garden or simply the bathroom will be a tremendous loss of time (and energy). Thus, the wardrobe closest surroundings (sometimes a 10 seconds bathroom-change) is photographically enough for my lingerie time. But hey, I’m not Mel B and I certainly don’t have Ultimo in my drawer (don’t like the designs)!
Please, feel free to share your lingerie – reflexions, I’m really curious about your point of view!

Melanie Brown For Ultimo Lingerie
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#1 Nisha on 09.05.08 at 2:10 pm

I think Mel brings something different to the table (which is what the company is looking for). She’s been around for a while but her personality is always refreshing. There is the obvious part too, that she’s undeniably gorgeous. But more importantly (to me anyway) is that her body type is not waif-like, she’s a “real” woman and that appeals to women as well as men. :0)

#2 cristal on 11.14.08 at 10:15 pm

mel b is sooooo hot, she is on fire. she is one of the hottest babes, and her body is amazing and her boobs, speechles.

#3 ashley on 11.14.08 at 10:21 pm

Mel B is a real woman, she keeps it real.

#4 Mikey on 01.18.09 at 4:55 pm

now that’s what am talking about!!!

#5 James on 08.31.09 at 5:38 pm

She perhaps looks a little stiff, but safe to say that Mel B did NOT have any say in the background scenes chosen for the pics. Can’t blame her for that, I’m afraid.

But she is gorgeous – beautiful face and an astounding body.

And as a male, I like the lingerie – love to see my wife in some of this!

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