Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud for Ultimo Lingerie

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How long has it been since Girls Aloud first appeared? Oh, never mind, I wasn’t a history freak and this makes no exception. Let’s say a “few years back”.

Haven’t they made that much money? Or it’s getting to the point of personal interests now? Because it seems that Sarah Harding, the blonde Girl is Aloud to do Lingerie promotion. (I imagine it’s not for free, even if modeling for lingerie takes more than pouting and showing blonde locks and a Victoria-Beckham wannabe look)

Lingerie Ultimo by Sarah Harding

Lingerie Ultimo is the game, Sarah Harding is the name. These are pictures from the campaign and right after you can find what Girls Aloud really reminds me of – the dance scene from “Love Actually” (one of the movies I so deeply heart) with a song that was featured on the original soundrack by the Girls band and not in the original formula from the Pointer Sisters that you can actually hear in the movie.

Sarah Harding for Lingerie Ultimo

Well now, enjoy the dance (why not make it a dance day, today? It’s Friday, after all, at ‘Frizz, we’re having a ball!) and just tell me – is this blonde really a good deal for lingerie? Or it’s the last campaign ever from Lingerie Ultimo (hm, wonder if that wasn’t a hint) before they sink into oblivion?


#1 Mel B Scary Ultimo Lingerie Ads — StyleFrizz on 04.22.08 at 2:02 pm

[…] Well Mel B former Scary Spice is here to prove us all wrong! You can be a celebrity first liner for years, you can even dance like a star, you still don’t get what it takes to bear it all (well, almost) in a lingerie shoot. […]

#2 jedivid on 04.08.11 at 10:03 pm

I must say the Sarah looks good but I am not sure that she will continue along this line. She is beeter than this. Proves most celebs need something in there lifes

#3 jonny on 05.17.11 at 4:32 am

she looks absolutley disgusting with the short hair

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