Karlie Kloss Numéro 92 April 2008 Issue

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I sometimes ask myself what is there left to innovate in fashion… And every now and then, I come across new, so daring things, I can hardly take my eyes out of them. I stare for some time and then ask myself why, from all those potentially wonderful creations left there, I absolutely had to find these atrocities?

Karlie is perfectly fitted for this kind of weirdness so I see no contradiction between her figure and the fork earrings by Tom Binns. Or the silver and Murano glass bracelet by Delfina Delettrez.

Karlie Kloss Numero April

Karlie Kloss Numero April Tom Binns Earrings

That doesn’t mean I can go easy on the pearls and Murano necklace by Delfina Delettrez. Maybe in an artistic kind of way it’s priceless. But in my good sense kind of way, it’s unspeakably outrageous (I may be ignoring Delfina’s fashion noblesse (being the daughter of Silvia Venturini Fendi and French jeweler Bernard Delettrez), but I’m talking good sense).

Karlie Kloss Numero April Tom Binns Earrings Eye Bracelet

I decided to share these new found jewelry with you and get your saying. Who knows? I may have been missed something and obscured my fashion judgment instead of seeing the beauty in the fork earrings and the eye-necklace!

Karlie Kloss Numero April Delfina Delettrez Necklace
So ? What’s your perspective?
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