Hello Kitty Vogue Nippon

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You can’t be a complete unknown and feature in the pages of a fashion magazine. It’s an elementary Wintour trick going overseas.

Vogue Nippon has the chance to prove Anna’s marketing strategies on their own stands – in June they’ll feature a special photo shoot – Hello Kitty graces the pages of Vogue. The most famous anime cat is getting a most fashionable debut with Dior.

Helo Kitty For Vogue

Japanese animation and characters have been a strong influence on the fashion world in the last few seasons, but Kitty is special (…). Fashion people all know her name and face and always say they love her. That’s why we at Vogue wanted to do something involving her. Declared an official from Vogue Nippon

Is that so? Or is it that superhero frenzy getting everywhere already?
(via reuters, kittyhell)

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