Givenchy Contracts Justin Timberlake

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News Flash – If you believed there was something out there to put a stop at celebs involving in fashion, well, there’s no point in doing so anymore!

Justin Timberlake has a new contract – he’s to be the face of a men’s fragrance at Givenchy. Not only was he a singer, actor and fashion-something (ahem … designer), now he’s a model. They must really need his name at Givenchy – this is what Alain Lorenzo (president of Givenchy) declared:

Beyond his immense international notoriety, we chose Justin Timberlake because he’s a true trendsetter who has redefined modern elegance.

Justin Timberlake Video SceneIs this fashion-mockery ending somewhere? Or it’s just the beginning of the end. Of true fashion’s end?

Since when are we to refer to a marketing product and call it the new definition of modern elegance? (need I remind you that this brand new “JT” all suited up and looking smart wears the heavy signature of Hedi Slimane?)
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