Nelly Furtado’s Blue Arthur Mendoza Shower Look for 2008 Grammy Awards

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I see blue’s gotten into our singing ladies. The Grammy Awards red carped was sea-blue for this year’s ceremony.

I’ve got nothing against blue, by all means! It’s a joyful color without being superficial. I’ve got nothing against Nelly either! I just won’t be a simple bystander without saying a word on her appearance.

Nelly Furtado Blue Arthur Mendoza Dress for 2008 Grammy Awards

She managed a brilliant after-shower look draping herself in the bright blue Arthur Mendoza with her sling-back hairdo, the shower-hose-like-necklace and clear drops earrings. Won’t say a word about the sandals, at least she kept them decently nude-looking. Only if you think different – please, share your Nelly-feelings with me!


#1 e.varden on 02.12.08 at 1:38 am

Aw Jeez Nelly! You are/were a beautiful woman. What happened to your hair? And that hip-enhancing frock: you’re beginning to look like my Portuguese *** (kpriss edit: now there’s no need to declare your flame here, e.varden, we all understand you’re a man who appreciates exoticism).

Pe (Disappointed.)

#2 mei on 02.14.08 at 2:39 am

holy **** e. varden, are you ****… (kpriss edit)

dont fricken say anything about the portuguese like that.

how’d you feel if you were portuguese, huh?

#3 e.varden on 02.15.08 at 12:40 pm

Oh please. ****… (kpriss edit). It’s an observation. Her gown is AWFUL! ****…


Armis Brooks

#4 e.varden on 02.15.08 at 1:04 pm

HEY! When did ****… (kpriss edit: hey hey mr. e.varden ! fashion talk is supposed to relax people, now let’s stick to fashion, please. If you want, I will open a post arena where you can defend your convictions.)

Hello? – Are you ****…

– Let’s stay with the hideous frock she was sporting, our Nelly.

It made her look dumpy. First-generation Portuguese ****…

Now give your head a shake. – Or is it that your **** obscures simple objectivity?

(hee hee. Pulling your chin. I mean chain.)

(Got trouble with that? You can screen me out – e.varden. In the meanwhile, get a frigging grip on your paranoia.)

Mister Conklin

#5 kpriss on 02.15.08 at 2:39 pm

Hey now?! It was a nasty cold that soften me for awhile there and you’re already catfighting over a dress? How about kiss and make up since we’re all on the same side in saying she really did wrongfully chose her outfit for the occasion?

All aside, it’s a style-board, we’re supposed to relax and have fun here!

So the award for the most self defensive convictions offensive goes to E. Varden! You’ve got yourself plenty little shiny stars to play with!

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#7 flameon112 on 01.06.09 at 11:57 am

y dont you shut your mouth

do you design clothes probably not


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