Life After People in Pictures and Videos

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We aren’t immortals. And down there inside, we all admit it. And our everexpanding ego pushes us to makings that will outlast us.

Well, what if the world will, indeed, outlast us? What then? Our most prized achievements will go down in glory or they’ll last just to honor us ages after we’ll all be gone?

Egypt Pyramids Life after People

We’re not all fair with us or the environment, no one really remembers what love thy neighbor as thyself means, nor we look with understanding at the Vatican trying to change the 10 Commandments with referrals to the environment or experimenting on humans.

Eiffel Tower Life After People

A TV documentary Life After People set his mind on showing us just how much will be left after our glorious persons will pass into oblivion.

New York Life After People

The documentary is scientific justified and exemplified, the special effects are incredible. In just six months, the urban areas are expected to be populated by animals, in 20 years our 3-4 highways will be under the reign of wolves and bears, in 50 years the corrosion will start the collapse chain.

Rome Life After People

After 100 years, our incredible purse-matching cars will disappear courtesy of rust, the sky high glass buildings will crumble, menaced species of today will regain the force once known and regenerate their species.

Buckingham Palace Life after People

If the few pictures aren’t convincing enough, feel free to watch the three videos from the tv show, posted after the pics. Does this change something for you? For your way of life?

Harrods London Life After People
Moscow St Basil Life after People
Tower Bridge Life after People

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