Get the Latest Oscar Red Carpet Looks for your Dog!

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If you ever thought about this, I know I didn’t! Not up until today when I came across a picture of a little dog wearing a tux.

At first I really believed to be a joke, a funny picture set by a pet owner who worships his dog at a ceremonial state. Then I looked through the Internet searching for information and I found it was like a sub-world I was completely unaware of – the dog-fashion world. So it’s not only the Devil who wears Prada anymore, dogs can do it too!

Rocco Wearing a Leonardo DiCaprio Inspired Tux at Little Lily

One day in September of 2002, on a West Hollywood street, Lara Alameddine and Daniel Dubiecki were walking Lily, Lara’s family dog, a 5 pound yorkie. Lily stepped on a shard of glass, injuring her paw. At the request of Lily’s vet, they set out to find a pair of protective dog shoes so this would not happen again. Lily did not approve of the ineffective and awkward looking shoes they found, so they set out to create something comfortable and cute enough for Lily’s good taste. Lilyboots were invented and Little Lily was born.

Red Carpet Collection at Little Lily

Personally, even if I have nothing against pet owners or pets tout court, I still don’t get it why it has to come to a point where dogs should wear red-carpet gowns! Or swim suits! Do you have a pet? Do you dress him/her? would you?

Swim Suits Collection at Little Lily
(via reuters, little lily)


#1 Arnoldo Valerio on 03.25.08 at 2:48 pm

Hahaha Killahbabe, is this a pic of your big killer dog? No this is what we call a Papillon dog in Europe, very friendly doggy’s actually from China. Hehe at last something good from China. . I had to react because of the pic such a lovely dog and then the text Killer. It’s a mad world and I think we will see in the future more of these crazy and mad things around. A red carpet? no leave the animals alone and don’t dress them up like we use to do. Ciao

#2 Linda on 03.25.08 at 5:29 pm

LOL. It’s cute and all, but I seriously doubt these dogs like to be dressed in tuxes and foo foos. I do see a lot of dog clothes in stores – you’ll be amazed, it is a whole different universe out there for dog fashion.

#3 Adriana on 03.25.08 at 6:00 pm

It is really sad that even dogs are now a target for fashion brands in my opinion. But I do see more and more dressed up dogs lately. And especially this little doggies. It seems they can not walk either but has to be carried around too.
I don’t think it is natural but on the other hand does dogs in the city have a real natural life? I had dogs in the past. Dobermanns. Not at the same time. I still miss them. But I live in a city that has become too overcrowded and that is really a “dogs life” for a dog…..and I can’t imagine these two dressed up…..(The second one had her ears and tail not cut anymore btw!)

#4 kpriss on 03.26.08 at 11:39 pm

Oh, no, it’s not my dog! Quite lovely, truth being said and the picture was catchy enough to make me go around and search for information! I thought, just like you, that dressing dogs up like humans it’s too far gone!

Finally I got to open my eyes and yesterday, when I went shopping, I saw clothes for dogs and asked myself where was I all this time? It’s amazing how we overlook things just because they don’t meet our interests!

Cute as they are, these little dogs don’t attract me one bit. They’re said to be fragile (not being able to jump down from the couch without breaking bones) and needing more attention than bigger dogs. I see more and more dogs living in apartments. I don’t like the idea of “humanizing” pets just because. Dressing’em up falls into that category.

#5 Project Dog-Runway — StyleFrizz on 04.08.08 at 12:24 pm

[…] Dogs are getting seriously into modeling – a Slovakian agency manages pets guiding their first steps into professionally presenting fashion. I guess if beauty pageants for little girls exist, why not for dogs? There shall be more than dogs for breeding or feeding purposes – now there will be dogs for catwalks. […]

#6 Chihuahua Lover on 06.18.08 at 1:59 am

I have had two chihuahuas that love wearing clothes. Unlike some of their doggy friends, these two girls eagerly stretch out their little necks to slip into a sweater or t-shirt. They both walk in their clothes with no problems and my girl Irie even ran around and dug holes in the sand on a breezy beach day while wearing a Lakers jacket. When I first got Irie she had a respiratory infection and the vet of all people recommended that she wear a sweater when she went out at night (January in California, go figure). I never wanted to “humanize” my dog per se but luckily Irie knew she was still a dog and did not let any item of clothing keep her from frantic squirrel chasing. We used her dog bag so infrequently as to keep her from becoming spoiled that she soon took to jumping in the bag and waiting for us to take her with us if we got ready to leave the house. Too cute. My second chi, Gracie, is not a big fan of walking, so it has been tempting to pick her up if i am trying to hurry down a crowded NYC sidewalk. Also, dogs can’t ride the subway or bus unless in a carrier so I do use her dog bag more often than I did when I lived in LA. Luckily Gracie is a really fast learner and she has learned to tolerate leash walking like a pro. I walk her all the time as part of her training regimen. We are working up to crowds. Winter in New York with a Chihuahua was a whole new exercise in dog fashion. I ended up layering longsleeve tees and sweaters and fastening a parka over the whole thing so she would not freeze! I think dog fashion is a necessity in many cases and when it is not, it can still be good for the dog. Toy breeds were not really bred for specific jobs like other breeds so they tend to think of their job as companion and extension of their person which is why they crave attention and attach so strongly to their person. It is summer here in NY and record heat, so we haven’t worn a stitch of dog clothing in awhile despite owning a drawer full of the stuff. It may be cute but I don’t want my dog to get heatstroke just because she would look good in some outfit.

#7 Adriana on 06.18.08 at 4:08 am

@ Chihuahua Lover, good grief I see that dogs in the city have NOT a dogs life at all!

If a tv-producer or a script-writer takes a peek here: isn’t this a brilliant idea as a parodie on modern society for a new tv-serie based on ‘SATC’ for dogs lovers with four cute female dogs in the lead: ‘Dogs And The City’? And their mama’s in a support role? ‘DATC’ hmm….

#8 kpriss on 06.20.08 at 1:01 pm

Adriana, it may not be a bad idea, actually! ;) only I don’t know if Patricia Field would be willing to participate however…

Chihuaua Lover, as a personal curiosity – how come everyone’s thinking about layering clothes for cold times but no shoes.. I mean if they’re freezing, it should be from the paws up, right?

#9 Tiril on 01.21.09 at 3:16 am

where did u find that pic of the chihuahua in tuxedo?

#10 jenifier krik on 11.18.09 at 4:51 am

all are cute …
ute and all, Now a days dog fashion is increasing day by day.every dog owner wants there dog will look a days every pet store have good collection for dog fashion accessories.
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