Babies And Dogs Take Fashion Magazine December Covers. Vogue Spain Vs. Tatler Russia

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As you well know me by now, I’m forever enchanted when it comes to wee babies. That’s the mother speaking in me. However, when it comes to highlighting babies for fashion purposes, you won’t see me jumping up and down with excitement!

When he’ll grow up, a wee one will get the chance to say he / she was on the cover of Vogue. (this reminds me of Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs – anyone experiencing the same déjà vu, in the very spirit of the baby Brent, the famous Sardines Baby). Well, at least part of him / her was distinctively visible on a Vogue cover! Ahem. Let’s fash-focus now: Dree Hemingway is holding a clothesless baby in her arms on the cover of Vogue Spain December 2011. How …. Fashionable is that? (oh, and allow me to introduce the contender cover: Monica Bellucci with a Dalmatian puppy in her arms on the cover of Tatler Russia December 2011).

Vogue Tatler December 2011 covers Dree Hemingway Monica Belluci

It sorrows me to observe that fashion is not enough for fashion magazines anymore. From exploring the depths of some people’s hidden fantasies to delivering (low) quality content for men (what? Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a man interested in Vogue Paris’ explicit pictures?) and now to newborns and puppies, fashion editors are boldly going where nofashionone has ever gone before.

As far as Monica Bellucci’s Dalmatian cover, it’s easy to say (and hard to cope with) that she’s perfectly rendering Cruella DeVil for Tatler Russia. Highlighting a notorious villain on a fashion magazine cover has enough implications as it is, without pushing the explanations furthermore. I’m just curious about the processes involved in the pre-publishing of these issues. Who and why was consulted about these covers and what did they had to say. I mean someone had to object about showing a baby’s cheeky behind on a Vogue cover. As for Cruella .. well, Peta is going to have something else to deal with other than the Thanksgiving turkey! Where do you stand in this Spanish Nativity Vs. Russian DeVil scene?

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