The Ultimate Treat for Your Pet – Chateau Poochie Spa

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What a mindless heartless person you would be if you wouldn’t pay attention to this article! Oh, dear! We live such special times for our special little friends!

It’s the Ritz of dogs! Chateau Poochie (Pompano Beach, Florida) takes care of your pet! And what care: bottled water, flat-screen t.v., webcam, social hour, personalized monogrammed linens and fitness center. All that for $87-$109/night. Your pet friend deserves it, right?

Chateau Poochie Menu
Chateau Poochie massage Chateau Poochie massage belly
Chateau Poochie Nails
For that kind of money, even I deserve some special treatement! I had no idea dogs needed flat screen t.v. or webcams! Without mentioning the social hour! (is that a fancy name for walk in the park? Or it’s a psychiatrist appointment, in fact?). You’ve gotta be in some special state of luxury to afford this pampering style for your pet!

What do you say? Money for nothing? Or your pet friend is worth every penny?

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