Dinner? Step into my Posche…Kitchen!

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Keen on fast design and have an extra $40,000? A Porsche Kitchen is your answer to everything!

Porsche Poggenphol P’7340 (you’d expect a tuned car, right?) is a taping wonder – the cabinets open at a mere touch and taping one of the built-in sensors will activate a “spacer pin” making doors and flaps open slowly. It’s even considered to be a man designed kitchen because it has an audio-video system with plug-and-play feature. Like only men should listen to music when (?!) cooking. I’d un-sexe this kitchen and just link it to the familial status – is this a single kitchen? Couple kitchen? Family kitchen?

Porsche Poggenphol P7340 Kitchen
(via independent.co.uk)


#1 Arnoldo Valerio on 03.25.08 at 3:02 pm

Yes it’s advertised as a kitchen for men, at least in Europe, but do you belive that? There is almost no man who’s standing in the kitchen for his dinner/supper or whatever. But it’s a good PR move of Poggenpohl to hire the Porche designers. I would say it’s a family kitchen only an expensive one, with the remark that no one thinks about a tuned up Porche Carrera 911, they cost a little bit more.

#2 Adriana on 03.25.08 at 5:31 pm

I’m love a more cozy kitchen than this one and love music while cooking too at times. But I like this idea I have to confess. To me it is just a fun kitchen since I love fast cars and motorbikes a lot.
Maybe this is a kitchen for single males whom does not cook ever? Who doesn’t even bake an egg or make their own coffee? For men that loves high-design furniture and architecture at home but eat always outdoors?

#3 kpriss on 03.26.08 at 11:47 pm

Oh, our dearest issue – marketing. When I was getting used to discovering more and more “pinin farina” collaborations, now I’ve got to switch to Porsche. The sacrifices one has to make for expanding knowledges! ;)

Just as you, and I bet many women out there, I love having music around when cooking. To be honest, I’m still dreaming at the moment when they’ll integrate computers just as easy as ice makers into fridges. Indeed, another line of products made for people who don’t get to use them. Extreme consumerism.

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