Temperley Rides the Babyboom Wave

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One of my favorites designers, Alice Temperley ( I’m a convinced dress-girl!) has just announced her pregnancy.

You already know that baby bump is the hottest trend around, so I warmly wish the fresh mother-to-be the best of luck and a very inspiring pregnancy! It seems she wanted this for a long time now “I’ve been begging Lars for years so I am delighted.”.

Alice Temperley Picture

Since when one has to get approval for a pregnancy, it completely eludes me! However, she’s reportedly just passed her first trimester and feeling active (still! Until her due term in September she has all the time in the world to get used to it and feel overwhelmed by her pregnancy).

After watching Stella McCartney’s pregnancy in plain season, I’m not surprised with anything! Well done, girls!

You show them how babies are done in hard work and dedication!

Did you have an active pregnancy?

(via vogue, temperleylondon)

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