Natalie Portman Te Casan Collection Unveiled

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For someone who declares wearing shoes from Stella McCartney, Natalie Portman has set her inner-designer free in an awkward manner.

Shoes made from alternative materials (politically correctness for no leather involved), a noble, enthusiastic and harm free project that puts the world on hold awaiting the marvelous collection. Well, well, well, no need to put everything else on hold, go spend those “Té Casan” economies on the last days of sales, it’s really beyond any disappointment! It’s a style came from a galaxy far, far away from our system of fashion respectful products. Enjoy the view (and go buy a pair if it’s your granny’s birthday .. or grandgrandmother’s..for the sake of those 5% going to charity)

Natalie Portman Te Casan Shoes

UPDATE: Not long ago, I discovered a little video with Natalie Portman presenting her own Te Casan Collection. Enjoy!


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