Natalie Portman Te Casan Shoes Collection

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Vegans are special. So special that they’ve got to have their own line of shoes: Te Casan ( After reviewing some of the models for fall 2007, I decided that vegans are targeting 40years old customers.

Without forgetting some of the models that fitted the young and trendy, you have to know that Te Casan takes luxury to another level. They manufacture shoes in a very limited edition, each pair has a number imprinted down on it.

natalie portman shoes collection
“As a global brand, diversity and embracing difference is part of the fabric. The name té casan (tae-ca-sahn), “A Woman’s Path”, is Gaelic and originates from the inspiration of a global name that represents no specific nation or language and refers to all women. The search for the name was conducted in 3 different continents. It defines a universal identity with all women but belonging to no one particular country, place or person. The name embraces the legacy and strength of all women. Of women, for women.”

I wrote this post to announce you that beginning January 15th, you can preorder the new collection Te Casan, a very special collection, designed in collaboration with Natalie Portman. The shoes will be available from February and 5% of the profits will go to charity.


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