My 2008 Spring-Summer Wishlist – Alessandro Dell’Acqua and Alexander McQueen

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UPDATE: Alexander McQueen sadly is no longer among us, read more here.

Today I give you the fourth episode of the Wishlist Series. I wanted to get you all inspired from Alessandro Dell’Acqua and Alexander McQueen, but the truth is, I haven’t had much of a choice.
So I’m stuck with McQueen, after all. Hoping you feel the same way, here’s my 2008 Spring Summer with Alessandro Dell’Acqua and Alexander McQueen.

Alessandro Dell’Acqua 2008 Spring-Summer Collection
I’m not into latex or any rubber-ized thing-to-wear-as-a-regular-outfit. Neither am I a suicidal in matters of lingerie or wearing it to cut off any mood on earth.

So the Spring-Summer 2008 Collection from Alessandro Dell’Acqua was, in my opinion completely style offending. However, I chosed one outfit to present you at least one decent element from the Dell’Acqua runway.

I would not wear it, personally, it’s kindda edgy in a bad “working” way, but nevertheless, one of the most respectful outfits of the collection.

The 2008 Spring Summer looks all grey for Alexander McQueen. I cannot complain for this special combination of grey-white-red it’s particularly appealing to my heart. The 3 colored dresses are all different but interesting.

Alexander McQueen Spring-Summer 2008 Collection

The Asian-construction of the kimono-dress in degrade it’s not for any kind of occasion, but I admit it pleases the eye. Though it’s not a joyful print, the strapless printed dress is indeed wearable. Same goes for the feather-printed dress with an impressive v-neck.

Alexander McQueen Spring-Summer 2008

The two metallic dresses are interesting more in shape and use of material than in wearing result. They look very architectural and even if I’d feel honored wearing them, I’d still think twice before putting them on, as it’s all in the occasion.

Looked at in the wrong way, McQueen looses his tailoring genius. It just gets odd and hermetical.

…to be continued


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not beautiful. but ,very interesting .really…

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