Natalie Portman In Dior La Vie En Rose By Sofia Coppola: Teasers

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I remember the first time I heard about Sofia Coppola filming a commercial for Dior starring Natalie Portman: I was devastated thinking that it’ll be a washed out hipster – friendly depressing kind of thing. I was partly right as their first collaboration ended up in a washed out, deeply romantic Miss Dior Cherie commercial. This time, however, for their new ‘La Vie En Rose‘ project, things look so much different!

Some teasers were released and, I must admit, Sofia Coppola’s La Vie En Rose Dior film looks fun, lively and lovely. And Natalie Portman is unexpectedly tanned and healthy, fresh looking! Oh, and – blushing – it also involves a lot of pink. A LOT (wink). Have you seen the teasers? I added two after the jump so you’ll tell me how you feel about this commercial as well!

Miss Dior Natalie Portman La Vie en Rose short film

The short film per se will be released in its entireness in just five days, on February 25th with, as I said, Natalie Portman and Nash Edgerton, with music by Grace Jones (‘La Vie en Rose’) with dresses Dior Couture by Raf Simons styled by Kate Young, with hair by Didier Mauge and Makeup by Eileen Kastner Delago. And, most importantly, directed by Sofia Coppola!

Natalie Portman Dior La Vie en Rose commercial

Oh, what they make for perfumes nowadays! I almost forgot that this would actually accompany a mere fragrance – I started thinking so big about this release that I almost forgot about the main event taking place the day before: the Oscars! Pretty becoming, isn’t it? Launching this short film the next day after the Academy Awards Ceremony telecast!

Natalie Portman Nash Edgerton Dior short commercial

Natalie Portman Nash Edgerton Dior ad Sofia Coppola Sofia Coppola La Vie En Rose short film Natalie Portman Dior new commercial

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