Natalie Portman’s Elle Paris Cover

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What? no, the title’s alright! It’s the Elle magazine! Because they have Elle in France, it’s just that the Elle in France is not quite like every other Elle out there. No. Like Vogue Paris, Elle is called E (LE) Paris. Because French people invented the Hipster Attitude way before it was even born! (btw, do you know how Hipster was translated by Google Translate in French? Hippie! I’m laughing my eyes out right now!)

Back to E(LE) Paris. Lovely Natalie Portman, dressed in red with a lovely retro hairdo on an all white apartment background (French people love their apartment houses pure – ly white) is tres chic and tres joli. N’est-ce pas?

Natalie Portman little red Elle Cover


#1 Anne @ Zen and Genki on 09.25.12 at 11:50 am

Great post, and is it just me or did you re-do your site here? It looks great! Nice job!

#2 kpriss on 09.25.12 at 1:52 pm

Oh, Anne! (I’m blushing!) thank you! No, I didn’t .. yet ;) but … “life is like a box of chocolates.. You never know what you’re gonna get” ;)

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