Chanel Christmas Nail Polish – Classic Put-together

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I don’t know about you, but for Christmas I always paint my nails red. It’s like an oldfashioned gesture I remain faithful to, maybe outtrended but cherished nevertheless.

And because we know what quality means we also know how to show our appreciation: Chanel was named Reader’s Choice For Best Bright Nail Polish in Allure magazine’s “Winner’s Circle” (June 2007 issue) and was featured in our favorites magazines: Instyle magazine (December 2007 issue), Lucky magazine (September 2007 issue) and Allure magazine (September 2007 issue).

Chanel Midnight Red VernisThis nail polish has a very special formula that offers strength and brilliance but also moisturizes nails. Even the bottle is made for active women with a non-spill patented design.

This Midnight Red Chanel Vernis is simply red. The Red I choose for my nails this Christmas.

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