Alltime Favorite Louis Vuitton – Hilary Duff With LV Nimbus GM

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Everybody loves showing off from time to time. And what better way to do it than with a big monogram meaning you’re “there”? That you’ve made it to the top and you only treat yourself with the best of everything?

This is not a marketing-purposes article (though it would be interesting that I’d end up advertising for Louis Vuitton), but I do admit having a weak spot on this particular’s monogram products.

Louis Vuitton Nimbus Grand Modèle
Hilary Duff LV Nimbus GM Hilary Duff Louis Vuitton Nimbus Handbag

This is just a posting showing you a $2.550 Louis Vuitton Monogram Olympe from the Winter 07 Collection toted around by Hilary Duff on a casual day at Maxfield Store in Hollywood. It’s the Nimbus Grand modèle: “In the spirit of Greek mythology, Nimbus gives back the smokey effect in the clouds that covered mountain Olympe and the intimacy of gods.” It’s a delightful way to describe a leather tote, ain’t it?

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