All I Want For Christmas – Katie Holmes Hermes Kelly

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Dear Santa, I’ve been good all year long (the years before too) so if you could bring me a handbag would be very nice. To help you, I’ll even give you the name of the handbag so you won’t have any trouble with it: Hermes Kelly.

There’s just one tiny special request I have: that you bring the big one. I mean the BIG one. I’ll even attach pictures of it so you’ll know just what I mean. And pictures of the small one too so you’ll know what not to bring.

Katie Holmes Hermes Kelly Big Hermes Kelly

Dear Santa, you can find the Hermes bag at the Hermes boutiques – I don’t know the price, I only know the price for that other one, the small one – it costs $6.000. The one I want, the big one, if you cannot find it in the boutique, then try Katie Holmes, she has one. Maybe she’d want to give it!
So, Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is the Extra Big Hermes Kelly as seen on Katie Holmes!

Hermes Kelly Handbag
Update: Thanks to our reader Anna I made peace with Santa who did not answered positively to my demand as written in this special wish letter for Christmas. The simple problem with my demand was a contradiction – the bag I wanted (and to be easily found chez Katie) was the Hermes Birkin, and not the Hermes Kelly as I first wrote. So, Dear Santa, with my excuses to you and to our readers (thanks again, Anna), this post was about the Hermes Birkin Handbag (hereby is a picture of the actual Hermes Kelly handbag).


#1 Anna on 01.01.08 at 1:59 pm

Fabulous letter!! I’ll send one next year for sure!:)

PS the one from the catwalk is birkin and i think the one holmes owns is the birkin too. kelly has the “straight”closing:)

#2 kpriss on 01.01.08 at 4:53 pm

Would that be the answer to the motivated yet sad fact that Santa didn’t granted my wish this Christmas?!
Because you do have a point there… ;)

#3 Anna on 01.02.08 at 1:53 pm

oh that Santa!! he must have been busy + that “Hermes waiting list” … im sure his name is already on it and you will get your Hermes next xmas:)

you actually made my think about that huge bag and i did some search last night. That’s what I found out:
the bag Holmes owns (lucky girl!) is “haut de courroies”. The bag is from 1900s and it was used as a saddle bad, then changed a bit and become travel bag and finnaly Hermes downsized it and made a Birking out of it. So its king od Birkins mather:)
Birking basicly goes in 4 sizes (25,30,35 and 40cm) and everything bigger is a travel luggage. Id say Holmes has the big big one – the “haut de courroies”. Im not sure what the price is (anybody could help mabe?) but I think one (Santa for example) can make an order in Paris and be as lucky and Mrs Cruise :)

Happy Happy New Year!!

PS if youve heard form Santa that he maybe got that Kelly by mistake and you dont want it – well ill be more then happy to have it;)

#4 kpriss on 01.04.08 at 2:54 pm

Wow! You’re in for some deep trouble if you keep obsessing about them handbags ;) .. One of these past days I saw a picture of Jessica Alba wearing some Chanel blue bag and didn’t think would get to me like it did! All the following night I dreamed about that bag! The next day I was practically forced to look up and find out what it was.

Your info is priceless! Especially when it’s the fruit of your very own searches! Beautiful!

If anyone reading these lines of ours is one of the lucky few having a Hermes Birkin (at least) the big model, then it would be so graceful to lend us a hand and tell us about the prices (I often think about those handbags as I think about options for cars.. low, medium and luxury with its own special price).

PS – I’ll send him a fax this time, double check it and I hope he’ll remember to stop by and leave that Kelly at your place! Don’t fire up the chimney, it would be sad ;)

#5 Anna on 01.15.08 at 12:08 pm

one can call it obsession but what can we do;)
found it today – looks like Kate loves her bag:)
Katie Holmes departing Good Morning America taping in NYC, 14.01.2008 :
(sorry about that, im just not sure if i can post pic:)

#6 Daniel on 09.06.09 at 11:26 am

Just ran across this posting…all I can say is you really do want the 40 Kelly Bag….so much more chic than a Birkin!

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