Fashionable Skull Candy

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The skull mania is NOT over!

For holidays, we have these stylish chocolate candies from Douglas Little who has worked with confectioner Valerie Gordon to create the mori ex cacao (death by chocolate) collection.

The delicious skulls are done in three different flavours and then painted with colored cocoa butter.

scorched caramel chocolate skull douglas little curious chilli chocolate skull Douglas Little

bitter white brandied cherry chocolate skull Douglas little skull chocolate douglas little

A set of three, one of each flavor: scorched caramel (organic cream is slowly combined with sugar over an intense flame, until the deep amber confection appears) , bitter brandied cherry (an exquisite and unusual confection of indulgent bitter chocolate, kirsch-perfumed ganache and succulent sour cherries steeped in liqueur, finished in porcelain white cocoa), curious chilli (an eccentric array of chilies and spices are combined with the deepest chocolate into an exotic and exciting sensation, with a heat that lingers long after the chocolate is gone).

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