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Raquel Zimmerman Fendi Fall Winter 2008 2009 Ad Campaign
Now that has the Kaiser written allover! Stiff, dark, geometrical. Shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself, this Fendi Fall Winter 2008 2009 attracts me not in... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld Modesty Is The New It
If you’re a bit familiar with Paris, you should remember a fancy detail about the City of Lights: les rues du Paris! Oh those streets!... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld Road Security Wisdom
I have to admit that’s a pretty smart marketing move over on the French front! Karl Lagerfeld promotes the light-reflecting safety vest (part of a... Read More

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Lagerfeld Confidentiel DVD Unleashed
Rudolphe Marconi’s hard work is out on dvd – Lagerfeld Confidentiel can be yours to take home and delight yourself with an every day wisdom... Read More

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Lagerfeld’s Metamorphoses Of An American
After landing a Diet Book, the Kaiser launches into an evolutionist essay with his new “Metamorphoses of an American”. Wanting to show off his photographer... Read More

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Chanel Resort 2009 – A Freezing Black And White Perspective Over Summer 2009
When you declare that your inspiration was a dead man on the bottom of a swimming pool, what is there more to expect from the... Read More

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Karl Lagerfeld Handbags And Luggage Colection
We’ve heard that the Kaiser was self-sufficient. We just haven’t had the actual proof. Ok, maybe we were deliberately ignoring the possibility but that can’t... Read More

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Audrey Tautou Chanel No.5
You know, the word in the industry is that the Chanel No.5 face has been replaced. No more Nicole Kidman. The future in under French... Read More

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