Karl Lagerfeld Handbags And Luggage Colection

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We’ve heard that the Kaiser was self-sufficient. We just haven’t had the actual proof. Ok, maybe we were deliberately ignoring the possibility but that can’t go on like this.

Because of the Lagerfeld Handbags and Luggage Line. Because the $250-$1,510 bags are Lagerfeld inspired! There’s a difference between being inspired and be self inspired. Kinda like love and love yourself. Since the bags release date is in October, we have to wait and see what bags featuring zippers in cravat shape, Ks woven in leather, handles in the shape of Kaiser’s shades look like! Like Ks with sunglasses and cravat?

Lagerfeld Chanel Garbage Container

Then again, if he can pull out a Chanel garbage container, he can surely handle..ahem shades-handle those bags!
(via wwd, photo via nymag)

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#1 e.varden on 05.10.08 at 5:17 am

Nevermind the other sacks, this style-meister is wearing the ghastly pant-fall into a bundle of wrinkly over-length leggings. A shambles.

HEY Mr taste-director, you are as much a suck to ugly trends as the rest of us.

Whatever happened to the pants “break just over the shoe” elegance?

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