Lagerfeld Confidentiel DVD Unleashed

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Rudolphe Marconi’s hard work is out on dvd – Lagerfeld Confidentiel can be yours to take home and delight yourself with an every day wisdom treat!

150 hours of recordings all mixed up in one documentary presenting Karl, about to become the Lagerfeld, a brand by himself, a part from the world, a part from his actual work. One recent very clever study showed that two of the worse inventions ever were the a-bomb and reality shows! Well, now you can get your private mini-lagerreality-show (you can also view a teaser right after the picture).

Karl Lagerfeld Lagerfeld Confidentiel DVD

It’s a one of a kind movie; I don’t remember seeing a film like that: it’s not a film about a man’s work or achievement; it’s not even a film about a person; it’s a film about the life of a person or the idea you’re making about his life. I become a very strange person, a strange film.

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