Lagerfeld’s Metamorphoses Of An American

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After landing a Diet Book, the Kaiser launches into an evolutionist essay with his new “Metamorphoses of an American”.

Wanting to show off his photographer skills, I guess, the Kaiser has put together a collection of pictures, as he likes to call them, ditching the “graphic” side of the pictorial story, with an American model, Brad Kroenig from 2003 till present times.

Karl Lagerfeld Metamorphoses of an American

Taking the evolutionist-picture trend one step further, Lagerfeld has Brad impersonating different characters from different times (James Dean, Rudolph Valentino etc).

Pretending that the model discovers a different “self” with every symbolic personality he’s bringing before the lens, Lagerfeld is more of a teacher and father figure (in spite of his horror when fatherhood involved) in the name of the most egoist love of pseudo art there is!

Lagerfeld Metamorphoses of an American Photos

If I was to legitimately discuss something beyond the originality of the initiative, I would begin by asking why not taking a girl for subject? And how far involving was this “artistic experiment”? Maybe I’m not reading things between the right lines, but why so much hypocritically pretend original art when pacting young blood?

Karl Lagerfeld Metamorphoses of an American Photos

Anyway, in case this modern-faust-contract stirred your art needing self, here are two world wide known original evolutionist clips and then you tell me if the Kaiser is authentic or just playing sugar daddy…

(photos via nymag)

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