Karl Lagerfeld Modesty Is The New It

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If you’re a bit familiar with Paris, you should remember a fancy detail about the City of Lights: les rues du Paris!

Oh those streets! Every time you’re driving you car down a Parisian street it’s more you were in an impossible narrow labyrinth. Not to mention parking spaces! If you’re lucky to find one that fits your car, you must be the absolute ace of parking because in Paris, parking spaces are made to measure. Now if you know this (I admit there’s a bit of my claustrophobic self speaking), you know you’re better off cycling your way into Paris (don’t miss the second photo right after the jump!).

Karl Lagerfeld In Paris

But that’s not the Kaiser’s way! Oh, no! He drives in style! In American style! Here’s Karl Lagerfeld’s modest ride: a Hummer. Perfectly impossible! Do you think he has a personal parking space? Not to mention parking assistance in his Hummer? Imagine that he just announced Venice for 2010 Cruise Collection! When in Paris he brings his Hummer, then for Venice he would need a helicopter, right?

Karl Lagerfeld Hummer In Paris
(photos via jezebel)

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