Chanel Resort 2009 – A Freezing Black And White Perspective Over Summer 2009

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When you declare that your inspiration was a dead man on the bottom of a swimming pool, what is there more to expect from the general outcome?

Karl Lagerfeld is taking things further into black and white with Chanel Resort 2009. Here I was, innocently imagining I was going to see some colors (or at least the stars and stripes from last time!) and got a stiff layout of suits and the most vivid colors were pale blue, pink and yellow plus a dress that seems to be a cut-open operation on some cow-stomach since the section only shows us flowers! Please enjoy the most “alive” pieces from the Chanel Cruise 2009 Collection! (and right after, the pieces justifying his inspiration from Rolling Stones member Brian Jones and his “death by misadventure” at the bottom of his pool)

Chanel Resort Collection 2009

And please, for the following, don’t think dead bodies and funerals even if you feel the urge to! Remember Chanel is a sure value, and my casting the stone is something you shouldn’t try at home! Praise the Kaiser for he really knows the ways of death… ahem…fashion!

Chanel Resort 2009
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