Johnny Depp Does Vanity Fair July 2009

Johnny Depp on a magazine cover! Doing an interview?! That’s something we have got to see! Since Kate Moss broke the silence Depp allegedly imposed her to keep the mystery up and running around her persona, why not Johnny?

Johnny Depp’s Great Escape for Vanity Fair July 2009 is ready to sweep you off your feet! Just take a look and say it isn’t magical! (the story continues with more images right after the jump!)

johnny Depp Vanity Fair Cover July 2009

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Miranda Kerr Covers Rolling Stone July 2009

Remember how last year Madonna grey-ed up the Green cover of Vanity Fair? Forget Madonna, keep the Photoshop. Remember Gisele Bundchen’s Ipanema Sementes 2009 ads? Keep the theme.

Add the two ingredients, spice it all up with Miranda Kerr and you’ve got the Rolling Stone magazine cover for July 2009. (so photoshopped, you’d say Miranda is a plastic doll) The Green one! Pregnant or not, Gisele’s usual poses are handed over to the next angel in charge: Miranda Kerr. And judging from the cover’s clothes-less styling, plain green issues don’t really sell, do they? (photo via)

Miranda Kerr Rolling Stone cover july 2009

Vintage Kate Moss

Kate Moss VintageKate Moss finally understood her fashion power: vintage, baby! Being a vintage girl since forever, leading a second hand life in the backstages of rock’n’roll, Kate put all the pieces together and announced that her next puzzle… ahem perfume will launch this fall and it’s called (drums roll!) Vintage! (hope it doesn’t make you smell like you’ve just popped out of a thrift store!) (WWD)

Brady Said Gisele Not Pregnant!

Gisele Bundchen no makeupWe’re used to seeing Angelina pregnant every second so why should anyone be any different? It seems that Gisele Bundchen being pregnant is something so gossip-ish and untrue that her husband, Tom Brady, had to come forth and declare: “I have dogs and that’s all I need”.. Well, Tom, since you put it this way… (AP)

Miley Cyrus Cheap And (Less) Chic For MTV Movie Awards 2009

All that success is getting to you, Miley! You’ve been in this business for so long you already think you’re having the right age to pull off that dress on the red carpet? (or anywhere else)

The makeup, the Moschino Cheap and Chic nude dress, the nude Louboutins, the accessories, the nail polish, it’s all so wrong! It all screams (just like her), so unfit, so not her age! She just won the MTV Movie Awards 2009 for best song from a movie, she’s still on a wave, she’ll still be making public (red carpet) appearances and she’ll still be wearing outfits like this one! Shouldn’t Daddy hire a stylist for her? (photos via)

Miley Cyrus MTV Movie Awards 09 Moschino

Miley Cyrus MTV Movie Awards09 Moschino 1 Miley Cyrus MTV Movie Awards09 Moschino 2 Miley Cyrus MTV Movie Awards09 Moschino 3

Louis Vuitton Core Values Campaign Moon Odyssey

Some journeys change mankind forever. That’s how Louis Vuitton’s marketing team based on Annie Leibovitz masterful photography hope to turn the economy crunch in their favor.

The new LV Core Values campaign features Sally Ride (first American woman in space), Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11, first steps on the Moon, 1969), Jim Lovell (Apollo 13, commander. Thus Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11’s first steps on the Moon, Louis Vuitton’s ad places the legendary astronauts, under the Moon, in a pick up truck (must be at least 40-years old!) looking up in the Californian desert night sky.

Also, on July 2nd, the behind the scenes video of the Leibovitz photo shoot and interviews with the astronauts will be introduced on I wonder if they phoshopped a LV bag on the Moon, carried by the Apollo 11’s crew 40 years ago.. wouldn’t it have been more effective? (and highly core values) (via)

Louis Vuitton core values ad campaign astronauts

New Moon Teaser Via MTV Movie Awards 2009

I really am a romantic and that really compliments my rock’n’roll spirit! So even if it’s a teen-fav, Twilight was a great movie for me. Because, like Tony commented not long ago, Robert Pattinson’s character from Twilight is a romantic one, like we haven’t seen from quite some times in the movies: the romantic male movie hero par excellence.

New Moon, Twilight’s sequel was already announced for this fall. (since the success of the first adaptation was immense, it was only natural they transported the two remaining books of the Twilight Saga on the silver screen) But behold! The Twilight armies have begun a war of allegedly official trailers for New Moon. To put a stop to all this, the producers have finally issued the Very Official Trailer of New Moon at the MTV Movie Awards, last night! …it is “so mouthwathering”! Enjoy!

Alessandra Ambrosio Promotes Victoria’s Secret Biofit 7way Bra

I’m beginning to think that the good side of the credit crunch is having to come up with new and improved ways to keep up with fashion (and every other aspect of our blessed existence).

Victoria’s Secret Biofit 7way fit bra is one of those wonderful inventions that could make me order the product even without seeing its advertising campaign. And not because it’s Victoria’s Secret (not even because it’s Alessandra Ambrosio promoting it) but because it’s a smart gadget for any woman! (the story continues right after the jump with more images and the video ad)

Alessandra Ambrosio Victorias Secret Biofit 7way ad

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