Louis Vuitton Ft Madonna Fall Winter 2009 2010 Ad Campaign Revealed

Even if there was no official confirmation from the house of Vuitton that the first leaked picture is really part of the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Ad Campaign, the rest of the pictures are now available and making the rounds of the Internet.

Madonna looking younger and more plasticized than ever with a Photoshop overload that could make any decent desktop publisher blush with shame at the thought of submitting such an image to the public eye. (the story continues with more images right after the jump!)

Louis Vuitton Madonna Fall Winter 2009 ad

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Jessica Stam, Elettra Rossellini, Mischa Barton Charity Water

Beauty and charity always made a power couple! Jessica Stam and Elettra Rossellini teamed up with Scott Harrison, the Charity: Water founder to raise awareness (thus more funds) for the Charity: Water project.

The project was already associated with Saks Fifth Avenue (since when they joined forces, $500,000 were already raised) in funding fresh water wells in developing nations. Also, joining the charity task force with Jessica and Elettra is actress-turned-model-turned-designer Mischa Barton who can’t keep her distance when models involved. (who knows, maybe someone takes her for a model also!) All pretexts excused for it’s charity: water! (via)

Charity water project supporters

Sasha Pivovarova Chanel Moscow Fashion Show Drawings

It seems the new breed of models is a highly talented one! Not long ago, Coco Rocha premiered her doodles, now it’s Sasha Pivovarova’s turn to impress us with her graphic talents!

She was just featured on the Chanel website with a drawing inspired by “fairytale characters coming to life in one of the main theaters of Moscow”. Given that she was born in Moscow, the unfolding of a Chanel show in her native city made Sasha dream and draw. (I never suspected the Russians fairytales involved extraterrestrial beings!)

Sasha Pivovarova Chanel Moscow drawings

Emma Watson Elle UK August 2009 Vs Times Magazine

And to think that the next Harry Potter is far from being ready for the big screen! Emma Watson has two more covers for the newsstands!

Elle UK August 2009 brings out the fierce in Emma, making her look strikingly similar to the Twilight darling, Kristen Stewart. As for The Times Magazine pictures, she may be keeping the strong eyeliner makeup, but the black and white photography brings something special to Emma’s pictures. (the story continues with more images right after the jump!)

Emma Watson Elle UK August 2009 cover

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Too Snob To Buy Cheap?

I’m one to think as the British elegantly put it “too poor to buy cheap” that quality is important. But branding and quality are not supposed to come together as one in an effort to spend more just to buy the label.

A $1,600 Prada hat is the perfect example of how to spend all your money (and more) for a fashionable pretext that can really undermine your credibility: Anne Christensen is a well respected women fashion director for NY Times T Magazine. Why she bought a $1,600 Prada hat?

I have fair skin, I work in fashion and I tend to hang on to things for a very long time. That is how I can justify (although I know it seems nearly impossible) the price of this Prada hat. But hear me out. Not only will this hat keep the sun off my face, but also I can wear it at the beach or in the city — and, well, I need a replacement for the Kangol cap I have now worn for about eight years. And for those of you who would suggest that I buy myself a $19.99 glue gun and make my own Prada hat, believe me, I would if I could! For now I’ll take the ready-made version and think of the money it might save me on dermatologist bills down the road.

Wait, what? (via)

Prada Hat

See What The Devil Really Wears In The September Issue

The September Issue, the fash-awaited Vogue-mentary about and around Anna Wintour is near! The teaser makes the rounds of the fashblogosphere hoping that The September Issue will erase The Devil Wears Prada from the world’s memory.

Or at least fashionably replace it with the new portrayal of Anna Wintour, Fashion’s Iron Lady. I’m no fan of teasers when it comes to movies, but this really is the sample that should convince us to see The September Issue documentary? (via)

Heidi Klum’s Barbie

Having participated at Barbie’s Anniversary should have come as a hint, really! Heidi Klum now presents herself as a Mattel Barbie doll part of the new collection “Blonde Ambition” that will be released by Mattel in September).

Willowy blonde (with long hair), the new Heidi Klum Barbie has no baby bump (which makes me sad since I do prefer Heidi pregnant), and doesn’t look much like Heidi neither! (the story continues with more images right after the jump!)

Heidi Klum Barbie

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Michael Jackson, The Trendsetter

It took Michael Jackson’s death to crash the internet so it comes as no surprise that his star will now shine more than ever since he managed to unite the world in a sea of sorrow and grief (too bad it had to be his death to move the world).

Magazines paying him tribute are already pouring in and now the clothes racks are getting their MJ fill. The Australians were the first with their high fashion brand Supré. The I (broken) heart Michael can be yours if you’re in Sidney (or passing through) for $18 (it’s already selling at lightning speed). Who’ll be the first to introduce the MJ white glittery glove?(via)

I heart Michael Supre t shirt

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