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You know that you’ll be having a serious blast around the fashblogosphere when the Blogaround time comes! Long awaited and highly selected, this Blogaround profile lies under the appearance. Let’s go beyond skin-deep!

Working our way up, you’d never believe what people can call boots!(that puts Posh’s Antonio Berardi in a completely modest light! And if you’re looking for more, get in the line for an undercover session of shoe psychology)

But when this a fashion shoot for a Spring Summer collection looks like a daily updated amateur style blog, everything is blog-possible!

…even doodling your way through a Fall/Winter lookbook!

Duck Lamp

Oh and if you were getting summer ready, don’t even think that sandals are easy to wear! It’s just a tricky appearance!

Move up, up and away, just close your eyes and sip on the No 5! Think beyond perfume – think No 5 Champagne Cocktail!

…and don’t think you’re the only shallow-one! Everybody hides and dissimulates! Don’t believe me? Just believe the new undercover trend making women fall with millions for self-helping books, oasis of novelistics explanatoriums, DIY life-guides while officially dissing self-help books and films!

But let’s get back to the clothes business and going undercover: if you need more to believe it’s a trend, just take a look at our daily trendsetter extraordinaire, Victoria Beckham, a plastic (surgery) mannequin undercover!

..talking about mannequins and boutiques – you’d think shopping is just that? Would you believe that’s actually fitness? We’re all just abs-fanatics after all!

There’s a good story behind every body success! And bad stories too!

But switching back to clothes – don’t you just love a dose of celeb style undercover? Especially if you find the right pieces to the celeb outfit puzzle and don’t break the bank to get it all!

I couldn’t have left the interior decoration part out, now could I? What you may believe is a lamp because it starts like a lamp could really be a hasty conclusion based on the undercover hypothesis we have been debating here!

Kanye West’s Bday Nike Air Yeezy Sneaker Cake!

Distinguished designer extraordinaire, outstanding performer Kanye West celebrated his birthday Monday (8th June 2009). For his 32nd birthday he chose a special cake to show off his amazing talents: a cake in the shape of his latest Nike Air Yeezy sneakers!

Besides being absolutely tasteless and ugly beyond compare, having a Nike cake can be considered Louis Vuitton-offending, maybe subject to lawsuit? (I hope this is reason enough to kick his designer-self out of LV!) (via)

Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy kicks cake

Hermès Into Breeding Crocodiles For More Bags

Recession, what? Hermès challenges the young designers for $4,000-worth first prize while they’ve initiated a breeding crocodiles campaign in Australian farms. Because it’s really hard to make 3,000 crocodile bags/year (it takes 4 crocodiles per handbag), bags that end up costing around $48,000/piece!

Let’s see: that’s about $144,000,000/year in crocodile bags and just $4,000 for a design competition prize? Twisted are the ways of luxury! (wonder how many crocodiles make a chair.. or a guitar case!) (via, photos via 1, 2 photochopping courtesy Stylefrizz)

Hermes Crocodile farm

Economy-Friendly Packaging

Whether that’s an economy appealing bag or it strikes purely our conscience’s cords, it’s up to us. Fanny Descary, a packaging French student imagined a pyramidal consumer trap bag that’ll make everyone think twice before making the next purchase. (ok, maybe not Paris Hilton, but every intention counts!)

While needing far less than we actually buy, why are we supposed to give in to envy more than wish when exceeding our purchases? Design is a tricky conscience-thing! (via)

Economy friendly bag

LVMH Debuts DKNY Bike Clothing

LVMH joins the design competition wave and throws a challenge to privileged students attending the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT): creating bike clothing and accessories. The new designs have to be affordable, practical and stylish.

The designs will be unveiled as DKNY prototypes this summer, for NYC’s Summer Streets. Winning designs: poncho, jacket and travel bag by Jessica Velasquez were awarded with $5,000. Hopefully it won’t turn out as disastrously as DKNY’s previous pro-biking campaign!(via)

LVMH DKNY Bike Clothing Collection

Hermès And Designboom Graphic Design Competition

We live in hard fashion times! Hermès just launched a graphic design competition with Designboom.

Opening up to new prints and ideas is an incredible opportunity for new designers but also a popular maneuver from the French luxury house. With a given theme (animals, flowers, geometric design, horses, marine life) and silk as canvas, the contests’ prizes range from €1,000 to €3,000 ($1,400 to $4,225). Not even enough to buy a Birkin! (via)

Hermes tie

The New iPhone 3G S

For over a year now, the entire world has been speculating about the next iPhone. There was even a time when the next iPhone was rumored to be a nano (which would have totally ruined the iconic iPhone standard).

There’s no need to speculate any further: the new iPhone is here. Now! Called iPhone 3G S, with only a letter en plus. No nano, no shrinking! (luckily!) Instead, a bunch of new features: the keyboard flips horizontally and cut-copy-paste, 3mpx camera with focus-switch option, video recording, voice control, built-in digital compass, messages with attachment and forward features, search function, internet tethering (sharing the 3G connection with your MAC notebook/PC laptop), voice memos. There’s even a controversial price chart launched with the new 3G S (hits stores the next Friday, June 19th). But is it that really revolutionary? (you can compare the new iPhone 3G S with the iPhone 3G here and view all the details about the new iPhone on the official website here) (via)

iPhone 3G S vs iPhone 3G

Emma Watson’s Burberry Fall Winter 2009 2010 Ad Campaign

We have the final outcome of those long rumored Burberry ads starring Emma Watson for Fall Winter 2009 2010 (as the Brits put it – Burberry Autumn Winter 2009 2010).

Sweet Hermione is really grown up and takes Burberry to the next level of trendyness – the magic level! It doesn’t even bother me that she’s facing the same ol’ problem with today’s fashion representation: actresses/models, is there any difference after all? (the story continues with more pictures right after the jump!)

Emma Watson Burberry Fall Winter 09 10 ad

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