Beyonce At BET Awards 2009

Queen Bee attended the BET Awards 2009 ceremony as she was one of the leading nominees. Her performance, however, reminded of a wedding though she was expected to perform in honor of Michael Jackson.

Now I may be seeing things wrong, and this really is a tribute to the King Of Pop, but that is something you’ll have to talk me through. For now I just think Beyonce was just beautifully, angelically taking advantage of her mysterious wedding to create a powerful impression dressed in a wedding-like gown and singing Ave Maria! (more pictures and a video of her BET performance right after the jump!)

Beyonce BET Awards 2009 performance

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Keira Knightley’s Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 2009

Despite all those rumors about Emma Watson taking the ad lead chez Chanel, it seems Keira Knightley still rocks the Coco Mademoiselle contract like no other!

I always thought Coco Mademoiselle was about a strong, willowy young woman with androgynous features and as skinny as she may be, Keira makes a very feminine impersonation of the Coco Mademoiselle.

Working with the same iconic photographer (Dominique Issermann) but more on the mysterious side, Karl puts some clothes on Keira (which is always a good thing, given how frail her frame looks!). The Kaiser now approves long wavy locks, smoky eyes, forgets the hat and borrows the suspenders from Audrey Tautou’s Chanel no5. And completely torments me with those pearls! I have to admit, I like how this ad turned out! It’s subtle enough to not feel visually disturbed and Keira’s not pouting! That’s always good! (plus, it’s not about Emma Watson, so that alone makes it a great ad campaign! lol) (photo via)

Keira Knightley Coco Mademoiselle 2009 ad

Emma Watson’s Teen Vogue August 2009

Emma Watson makes it though another magazine cover: this time it’s Vogue! Teen Vogue, but Vogue nevertheless! She’s the August 2009 cover girl, under the code “Emma Enchanted”.

Oh, I know (at least) our dear friend Ellington’s gonna believe I couldn’t resist the temptation! (I honestly tried, I did! I spent four days contemplating these pictures and asking if they’re relevant! That’s gotta count for something, right?) (the story continues with more pictures and a video right after the jump!)

Emma Watson Teen Vogue August 2009 cover

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Yves Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2010 Men Film

I thought once the McQueen schizo danger was over, I would be safe. I was only half right! Yves Saint Laurent just issued their Spring Summer 2010 short film!

Not as dark as Alexander McQueen, actually pretty romantic, the YSL film, directed by Samuel Benchetrit encourages true love. Or something like that. Partly because I want to take away the disturbed McQueen film from your memory, but mostly because I’m curious about how this Yves Saint Laurent short film feels and how it should evoke men fashion, I’m asking you what do you think about Stefano Pilati’s Spring Summer 2010 flick. (via)

Gundam Warrior Princess Makeover

We live doll-times, ladies and gents! So this true Warrior Princess joins the ranks of action figures and miniature representations of various animated flicks heroes.

The Gundam in pink and white lace with little hearts and flowers all over is not as nasty as one should expect from a real Gundam. Whether you’re familiar with the Gundam phenomenon or hearing about it for the first time, you have to admit it’s an interesting little toy robot! Dubious, but surely a fierce one! Blingy-pinky Gundam ready for action! (via)

Pink Gundam

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Angelina Jolie For Armani Fragrance

It seems there’s more to just aesthetics when the celebs are now choosing their Red Carpet outfits! It’s a business opportunity!

Angelina Jolie had her Armani Red Carpet moments and what do you know? She was just announced the spokesface of Armani’s next fragrance! Expected to hit the market later this year, Armani’s new perfume will be represented by the world’s most celeb (according to Forbes). The high note of Armani’s perfume? Money, baby, money! (via)

Angelina Jolie Armani

Madonna For Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009 2010 Ad Campaign

Now this is what happens when overdosing with Photoshop. Bunny eared Madonna (I guess the Met was a spoiler) looks completely plastic made in her aerial, ethereal, immaterial pose by Steven Meisel ft countless digital enhancements.

Not to argue with gravitation and so many other basic physics principles, but shouldn’t this campaign be about Louis Vuitton? Her Madjesty clearly steals the picture and the idea. This is the first (unofficially leaked) image from seven pictures-set that are said to be (officially) released in August (more boots and bunny ears to follow in Madonna’s fight against gravitation and time). Was this what you expected from Louis Vuitton fall-winter 2009 ad campaign? (via)

Madonna Louis Vuitton fall 2009 ad campaign

Michael Jackson In The Closet

Those were the days… Today was a sad day but I won’t let sadness take over me, I’ll just try to keep in mind who and what Michael Jackson meant to the world.

He was The Entertainer par excellence, the one who made us all dream about and try to do his Moonwalk at least once in our lives. Words just don’t express what Moonwalking really meant to us! I’ll just let you enjoy this week’s break: Michael Jackson’s In The Closet with the oh-so-beautiful Naomi Campbell! (oh, those MJ dance moves! He was really living that rhythm!) Thank you for the great week and your beautiful comments! I wish you the best weekend yet! (more information, the making of this great video presented by Cindy Crawford and two more videos right after the jump!)

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