The WOW Ad Factor

Since I’m officially searching for why-s in recent ad campaigns, I thought I’d give you something really inspirational. Ad inspirational!

Milton Glaser
’s advertising perspective is something that every ad agency in the world should keep in mind and start building the commercial strategy towards that breathtaking result:

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

Who is Milton Glaser and why should he preach advertising? (the story continues right after the jump with more images)

We are all african Milton Glaser

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Siren By Paris Hilton

Bored out of its synapses, Paris Hilton‘s solitary neuron decided to throw another party. And because it was clueless about the party’s theme, there goes another pretext… ahem perfume!

Now it’s all about Paris Hilton’s Siren perfume! Stepping down from her previous Fairy Dust fragrance sky, Paris is now a mermaid. I’m really beginning to believe that Paris’ DNA was engineered to cash in. She builds an empire on her name/looks, a reign of shallow like never before. Following my marketing questionnaire lead: why give in to Paris’ Siren charms? (more images right after the jump) (photos via)

Siren Paris Hilton

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The Lacroix Show Must Go On!

…said everyone (and their dog) when we heard that the Haute Couture House Lacroix filed for bankruptcy. And so it does!

On July 7th, the House of Lacroix will present a 20 models couture show! The absolute king of mixing-and-who-cares-about-matching gets to keep his reign after all! Fashion lovers everywhere rejoice! (WWD)

christian lacroix

Most Stylish Luggage Bottega Veneta Alligator Suitcases

Worrying about misplacing and/or damaging your luggage when airtraveling (and not only) is the main concern when using Bottega Veneta’s alligator skin luggage set!

Complete six pack with different sizes suitcases, beauty case and duffle bag, this Bottega Veneta alligator skin wonder costs only $157,000. Buy them together or separately (from $23,000-$47,000 a piece), it’ll still make a considerable impression on anyone who lays their eyes on! I’d say they should also write the owner’s initials at say… $10,000 per letter? (via)

Bottega Veneta Alligator skin luggage set

Lagerfeld’s Chanel Ballerina Criticized!

Remember Karl Lagerfeld’s Tutu extraordinaire? It turns out it wasn’t quite that extraordinaire after all!

Reviews are pouring in and it’s thunder and lightning from the critics! Raging from “feathered neck brace” (the Daily Telegraph), to the performance’s “fake note” (The Guardian), the Swan Lagerfeld doing seems to be “broken by an egregious, fluffy ruff” and “the waistline broken by a too-high skirt”. The Kaiser should better come forth and represent! (via, photos via)

Chanel Ballerina dress Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel Ballerina tutu Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Ballerina Tutu Chanel Ballerina dress Lagerfeld

Kate Moss, A Bad Smoking Case!

Modelling, singing, socializing really stress out Kate Moss! She’s rumored to have more than two cigarettes packs a day and keep numerous packs at close reach.

She has five coffee tables with a packet of Marlboro Lights on, carefully arranged by her personal assistant. Chain smoking, hard partying, isn’t that quite an image to pass on to your daughter, Kate? This is modelling, you say? (News24, photo TheWorldsBestEver, Blur Tool Courtesy

Kate Moss Smoking

Cindy Crawford Loves Blue Dresses

Though her Metropolitan Museum of Art Benefit Gala appearance alongside Donatella Versace wasn’t all that charming, Cindy Crawford challenges our eyes with yet another blue number!

Clearly too much, her Met Versace floor length gown brought a cheap breeze to gorgeous Cindy. But is she really a fan of blue dresses? Here she goes, wearing what seems to be yet another Versace electric blue gown at a recent event in Argentina (launching Remington’s hair straighteners). Expecting more blue dresses to come? (via)

Cindy Crawford Versace blue dresses

Halle, Tilda, Winona Unretouched In Untouched By Johnny Rozsa

It’s not your regular book, but I still think you’d want to have this on your shelf! Untouched by Johnny Rozsa will be available this September for $75.

Why should you give in to the Untouched temptation since it’s only about celeb portraits? Because they’re untouched by any photoshop/-like tool and because they’re showing us portraits of celeb before hitting the celeb status! Beret wearing Halle Berry, farm girl, tractor posing Winona Ryder, tragic fashion queen Tilda Swinton! Comments by Susan Sarandon! I know I’d be interested in Johnny Rozsa’s Untouched book chez Glitterrati! Would you? (don’t miss the rest of the pictures right after the jump!) (via)

Johnny Rozsa Untouched cover

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