Hermès And Designboom Graphic Design Competition

We live in hard fashion times! Hermès just launched a graphic design competition with Designboom.

Opening up to new prints and ideas is an incredible opportunity for new designers but also a popular maneuver from the French luxury house. With a given theme (animals, flowers, geometric design, horses, marine life) and silk as canvas, the contests’ prizes range from €1,000 to €3,000 ($1,400 to $4,225). Not even enough to buy a Birkin! (via)

Hermes tie

The New iPhone 3G S

For over a year now, the entire world has been speculating about the next iPhone. There was even a time when the next iPhone was rumored to be a nano (which would have totally ruined the iconic iPhone standard).

There’s no need to speculate any further: the new iPhone is here. Now! Called iPhone 3G S, with only a letter en plus. No nano, no shrinking! (luckily!) Instead, a bunch of new features: the keyboard flips horizontally and cut-copy-paste, 3mpx camera with focus-switch option, video recording, voice control, built-in digital compass, messages with attachment and forward features, search function, internet tethering (sharing the 3G connection with your MAC notebook/PC laptop), voice memos. There’s even a controversial price chart launched with the new 3G S (hits stores the next Friday, June 19th). But is it that really revolutionary? (you can compare the new iPhone 3G S with the iPhone 3G here and view all the details about the new iPhone on the official website here) (via)

iPhone 3G S vs iPhone 3G

Emma Watson’s Burberry Fall Winter 2009 2010 Ad Campaign

We have the final outcome of those long rumored Burberry ads starring Emma Watson for Fall Winter 2009 2010 (as the Brits put it – Burberry Autumn Winter 2009 2010).

Sweet Hermione is really grown up and takes Burberry to the next level of trendyness – the magic level! It doesn’t even bother me that she’s facing the same ol’ problem with today’s fashion representation: actresses/models, is there any difference after all? (the story continues with more pictures right after the jump!)

Emma Watson Burberry Fall Winter 09 10 ad

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Scarlett Johansson’s Elle France June 2009

Scarlett Johansson made the news recently when pictures of her photo shoot for Mango emerged and everyfashbody asked if this was the end of the Cruz-Mango era. No answer to that mystery, instead a new set of photos with Scarlett are now available. Scarlett Johansson for Elle France June 2009.

Reality faithful, Elle’s pictures show a brunette Scarlett with less makeup and full Louis Vuitton. (the story continues with more photos right after the jump!)

Scarlett Johansson Elle France June 2009 cover

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Chloë Sevigny And Stefano Pilati

While I was a complete ignorant of all things Chloë Sevigny and her very-important-designer self, it seems she really rounds the highest circles of fashion! I found a picture of her and Stefano Pilati hugging! Really hugging!

Now if that’s true and they’re so close friends, it really brings a new light to that Chloë-designer thing. And should we expect a smashing Chloë-effect on YSL too. What if Stefano Pilati the great would dish his gayness for Chloë? How sweet is that? (and now let’s evaluate a possible Sevigny effect over YSL) (photo via)

Chloe Sevigny Stefano Pilati

Angelina Jolie’s Harper’s Bazaar July 2009

Using a paps photo for a magazine cover is not that hard to believe when talking about tabloids. But Harper’s Bazaar’s July 2009 cover girl is Angelina Jolie and no, she didn’t pose for it!

Shamefully profiting from Angelina’s continuing fame and sells raising self, Harper’s Bazaar took a picture (an old one too – a Red Carpet picture of Angelina at the Benjamin Button premiere from December 2008) of hers and made a splashingly boring summer cover out of it. Is that because Angelina is too busy to pose for Harper’s or…? (the story continues with more pictures right after the jump)

Angelina Jolie Harper s Bazaar July 2009 cover

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Eres Lara 2009

Eres lingerie got Lara Stone for their next ad campaign. Because she’s so high on the fashion wave right now she even became the Kaiser’s muse, Lara Stone has to be the next supermodel.

Because everybody wants her there. Because everybody needs a new supermodel. Because everybody wants a more atypical beauty, liberated from that anorexia model myth, from the perfect-skeletron-corset.

Looking less angry than the usual Lara Stone, this Eres ad picture is simple, curly, sexy. Will she represent Eres at the point of actually selling more lingerie items, you tell me! (photos via 1, 2)

Lara Stone Eres Lingerie 2009

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Dare To Wear Tights With Printed Veins On?

I found some very funny printed tights the other day and I was wondering if they’re still considered interesting for this upcoming fall. Because, as we all know, printed tights rocked the catwalk (and the fashblogosphere) last fall.

These printed tights were imagined and made by Studio m + o (Olivier Gonnet and Marion Dubois, a French designers duo behind the brand “Les Queues de Sardines”). And even so, fashionable or not, could you wear tights with printed bugs on? Or tights with printed veins on? Where’s the limit between accessory and main fashion statement? (via)

Printed Tights Veins Queues de Sardines

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