Milla Jovovich Vogue China Vs. Harper’s Bazaar July 2009

Is Milla Jovovich ready for a comeback? Or she’s just standing in for the usual super/models editorials in not so successful magazines months? She’s featured in two different magazines spreads this month: Vogue China and Harper’s Bazaar.

If the Vogue China is a more modellistique approach of her appearance, the Harper’s Bazaar pictorial is somewhat epical. (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures)

Milla Jovovich Vogue China July 2009

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Bobby McFerrin Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy was the song of a generation! I couldn’t have overlook this wonderful tune so here it goes, part of a Friday Break (after hours).

Thanking your for this most amazing week, for your great and insightful comments, I hope you enjoy this great song by Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”. Have the greatest weekend ever! (more info after the jump)

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Seriously Sienna Miller In Vogue July 2009

Has anyone any word of Sienna Miller acting lately? Because besides reading numerous gossip-net titles around her personal/love life, I haven’t had any serious movie update on Brit bombshell Sienna (that G.I Joe flick will be out any time soon).

But Seriously Sienna in Vogue (US) July 2009 is somewhat cliché enough to make it work for Vogue even with scandal Sienna on the cover. While she’s an absolute queen of messy, boho chic style, there she goes all glamed up for Vogue (wearing one of those red secret dresses behind Vogue covers success). Doesn’t she look a bit hunchback-strange for the cover? ( via tfs)

Sienna Miller Vogue US July 2009 cover

Sienna Miller Vogue US July 2009 3 Sienna Miller Vogue US July 2009 1 Sienna Miller Vogue US July 2009 2

Dare To Wear Chanel Sunglasses With Whiskers?

Karl Lagerfeld’s designer qualification is beyond any doubt but not beyond any discussion! Take for instance this new shades model featured in a new photo published on the Chanel website.

Under the name Oversized Sunglasses with a Shape Like No Other you’ve got a special pair of shades with whiskers! Gentlemen, would you wear those Chanel Whiskered Sunglasses? Ladies, what say you? Shall we let this Chanel thing happen?

Chanel Whiskers Sunglasses

Takashi Murakami And Louis Vuitton Celebrating With Superflat First Love

Special collaborations call for special celebrations! Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton fete six years of fruitful collaboration. A special movie was made: the Superflat First Love manga anime (remember Superflat Monogram?) in which we find out that the young Louis Vuitton was time traveled by a Murakami representation and an asian schoolgirl with a camera phone.

The answer to time travelling? Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami! The Louis Vuitton luggage extraordinaire has special teleporting features! (via)

Chloe Sevigny Covers A Magazine #9 By Proenza Schouler

Focusing on U.S. fashion and curated by Proenza Schouler, A Magazine is that special magazine you love for being one-issue-a-designer thing. A Magazine’s 9th issue comes under Proenza Schouler and has Chloe Sevigny on the cover.

Photographed by Richard Burbridge and swearing on Chloe as a NY icon, A Magazine with Miss Sevigny on the cover is available starting June 16th, the same date as the inauguration of the Pitti Woman pre collection tradefair (where Spring 2010 precollections are presented). Didn’t you miss a Chloe-Sevigny-magazine-dose? (via)

Chloe Sevigny A Magazine Proenza Schouler cover

Brad Pitt’s Buys $1 Million Neo Rauch Painting

Behold, there goes Brad Pitt shopping for some serious art items! After last’s year art-pitt-interrogation, now I’m left puzzling about his newest addition: a 1998 painting worth $1 Million he bought from the Art Basel in Switzerland!

The 9 foot racetrack painting by Neo Rauch is an oil-image of a Formula one race car with the driver within and mechanical team members carrying (what seems to be) a bunch of colored hoses around. (the story continues right after the jump!)

Etappe Neo Rauch Brad Pitt painting

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Natalia, Courtney, Glenn Close Fashion Designers

Though is unclear to me what style side is Natalia Vodianova’s, she’s officially announced to be taking some fashion designer endeavors chez Lutz & Patmos.

While Stella McCartney enrolling for Gap Kids, Glenn Close is working on a Lanvin line, Courtney Love puts together her own clothing collection and miss Sevigny aiming at Hermes, I’m really considering a joyful welcoming for Max Azria’s Miley Walmart gig with every passing day (ahem… new designer)! Where are thou, professional fashion designer? (Grazia, TheCut, WWD)

Stella McCartney Gap

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