Chloe Sevigny Covers A Magazine #9 By Proenza Schouler

Focusing on U.S. fashion and curated by Proenza Schouler, A Magazine is that special magazine you love for being one-issue-a-designer thing. A Magazine’s 9th issue comes under Proenza Schouler and has Chloe Sevigny on the cover.

Photographed by Richard Burbridge and swearing on Chloe as a NY icon, A Magazine with Miss Sevigny on the cover is available starting June 16th, the same date as the inauguration of the Pitti Woman pre collection tradefair (where Spring 2010 precollections are presented). Didn’t you miss a Chloe-Sevigny-magazine-dose? (via)

Chloe Sevigny A Magazine Proenza Schouler cover

Brad Pitt’s Buys $1 Million Neo Rauch Painting

Behold, there goes Brad Pitt shopping for some serious art items! After last’s year art-pitt-interrogation, now I’m left puzzling about his newest addition: a 1998 painting worth $1 Million he bought from the Art Basel in Switzerland!

The 9 foot racetrack painting by Neo Rauch is an oil-image of a Formula one race car with the driver within and mechanical team members carrying (what seems to be) a bunch of colored hoses around. (the story continues right after the jump!)

Etappe Neo Rauch Brad Pitt painting

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Natalia, Courtney, Glenn Close Fashion Designers

Though is unclear to me what style side is Natalia Vodianova’s, she’s officially announced to be taking some fashion designer endeavors chez Lutz & Patmos.

While Stella McCartney enrolling for Gap Kids, Glenn Close is working on a Lanvin line, Courtney Love puts together her own clothing collection and miss Sevigny aiming at Hermes, I’m really considering a joyful welcoming for Max Azria’s Miley Walmart gig with every passing day (ahem… new designer)! Where are thou, professional fashion designer? (Grazia, TheCut, WWD)

Stella McCartney Gap

Twilight’s Allure With Kristen Stewart

Only a step away from stealing all the magazines spotlight, Kristen Stewart’s first (?) fashion editorial comes with Allure Magazine.

And don’t even think about a boring one! Think Rodarte, black and goth, imagine Kristen’s got that Twilight under her very skin. And wait for Allure’s final photos (hope they don’t come out in November like the New Moon movie!). Are you ready for Kristen Stewart? Or she really belongs solely in the Twilight arena? (I do believe it to be too soon to discuss her talents as an actress but she is an interesting newcomer, isn’t she? unconventionally shy, fashionably misfit, great match for anything Rodarte) (via)

Kristen Stewart Allure photoshoot

Kristen Stewart Allure photoshoot 2 Kristen Stewart Allure photoshoot 3 Kristen Stewart Allure photoshoot 1

Diane Von Furstenberg Debuts New Towel

…for the High Line! Green-white with a bit of gray in it, the High Line Friends Tracks Towel by Diane von Furstenberg is a bit pricey for the green cause: $75.

Even so, DVF’s beach towel normally retails around $120 so we should consider ourselves lucky if grabbing a $75 DVF towel! (doesn’t it make you dream about Max Azria’s Walmart collection? Despite Miley?) Luckily, buying a towel means the proceeds go to the High Line project, so fashionably encouraged by Diane von Furstenberg. Would an honest green cause make you spend $75 for a towel? (what was the craziest thing you’ve done/bought for a noble cause?) (via)

Diane von Furstenberg High line towel

Blogaround(er cover)

You know that you’ll be having a serious blast around the fashblogosphere when the Blogaround time comes! Long awaited and highly selected, this Blogaround profile lies under the appearance. Let’s go beyond skin-deep!

Working our way up, you’d never believe what people can call boots!(that puts Posh’s Antonio Berardi in a completely modest light! And if you’re looking for more, get in the line for an undercover session of shoe psychology)

But when this a fashion shoot for a Spring Summer collection looks like a daily updated amateur style blog, everything is blog-possible!

…even doodling your way through a Fall/Winter lookbook!

Duck Lamp

Oh and if you were getting summer ready, don’t even think that sandals are easy to wear! It’s just a tricky appearance!

Move up, up and away, just close your eyes and sip on the No 5! Think beyond perfume – think No 5 Champagne Cocktail!

…and don’t think you’re the only shallow-one! Everybody hides and dissimulates! Don’t believe me? Just believe the new undercover trend making women fall with millions for self-helping books, oasis of novelistics explanatoriums, DIY life-guides while officially dissing self-help books and films!

But let’s get back to the clothes business and going undercover: if you need more to believe it’s a trend, just take a look at our daily trendsetter extraordinaire, Victoria Beckham, a plastic (surgery) mannequin undercover!

..talking about mannequins and boutiques – you’d think shopping is just that? Would you believe that’s actually fitness? We’re all just abs-fanatics after all!

There’s a good story behind every body success! And bad stories too!

But switching back to clothes – don’t you just love a dose of celeb style undercover? Especially if you find the right pieces to the celeb outfit puzzle and don’t break the bank to get it all!

I couldn’t have left the interior decoration part out, now could I? What you may believe is a lamp because it starts like a lamp could really be a hasty conclusion based on the undercover hypothesis we have been debating here!

Kanye West’s Bday Nike Air Yeezy Sneaker Cake!

Distinguished designer extraordinaire, outstanding performer Kanye West celebrated his birthday Monday (8th June 2009). For his 32nd birthday he chose a special cake to show off his amazing talents: a cake in the shape of his latest Nike Air Yeezy sneakers!

Besides being absolutely tasteless and ugly beyond compare, having a Nike cake can be considered Louis Vuitton-offending, maybe subject to lawsuit? (I hope this is reason enough to kick his designer-self out of LV!) (via)

Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy kicks cake

Hermès Into Breeding Crocodiles For More Bags

Recession, what? Hermès challenges the young designers for $4,000-worth first prize while they’ve initiated a breeding crocodiles campaign in Australian farms. Because it’s really hard to make 3,000 crocodile bags/year (it takes 4 crocodiles per handbag), bags that end up costing around $48,000/piece!

Let’s see: that’s about $144,000,000/year in crocodile bags and just $4,000 for a design competition prize? Twisted are the ways of luxury! (wonder how many crocodiles make a chair.. or a guitar case!) (via, photos via 1, 2 photochopping courtesy Stylefrizz)

Hermes Crocodile farm

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