Levi’s Bodywear Ad Campaign

Seeing the new path of advertising and magazines pictorials, the dark and/or bodily aggressive perspective that goes by the name of art these days, I promised myself I’ll hunt down and confront my consumerist self with every advertising campaign I could!

To make the long story short – these are the new pictures from Levi’s Bodywear Ad Campaign. Feeling a bit of Adam and Eve inspiration? You should, since it’s all about Creation here. (the story continues right after the jump!)

Levis Bodywear ad campaign 2009

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Lou Reed Perfect Day

It’s been another wonderful week with you, thank you for your great comments! Wishing you the most amazing weekend yet, I dare you to see a Perfect Day every day!

Lou Reed’s Perfect Day is my Friday Break today, enjoy this great song and the weekend to come! (I included the original version right after the jump, along with the precious information about Lou Reed’s Perfect Day; below is the Various Artists version, a BBC line up of amazing artists for commercial purposes but so wonderfully put together that I had to choose it as the main video of this break.)

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Dina Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses Project

I remember when, growing up, I was being told that the values of an entire nation are visible in their fairy tales culture and I started dissecting the tales searching for what was really important. What are our values today? As individual nations? What’s really important to us now?

How the media affected us and what is the dimension of our social selves in opposition with our individual values? Presumably a subject to endless debates, the subject has been somewhat portrayed by photographer Dina Goldstein in her Fallen Princesses project. Fairy Tales princesses updated to the present realities. (the story continues with more pictures right after the jump!)

Dina Goldstein Fallen Princesses project children

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How To Instantly Drop Two Sizes!

Victoria Beckham is so slim, you could really see through her if it wasn’t for all those high designers outfits and those sky high stilettos anchoring her!

But Posh wanted to drop extra inches here and there so she got a wonderful plan working to erase two sizes in a blink! I don’t advise you to follow her footsteps, but either way, you have to be informed: Victoria Beckham had plastic surgery to drop those two sizes! A natural 34A, her bust was improved with two previous nip tucks up to 34DD. Now she cut back to a normal 34B! No more Armani billboardzillas, then? (via)

Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery

Gap’s Khaki CFDA Collection Now Available (For Skinny Girls Only)!

While every summer or pre summer magazine out there is piling up on slimming wonder-recipe and workout secrets to slim you down for the beach, Gap seems to be picking up that trend too!

Their long awaited Khaki Collection signed by CFDA nominees (Vena Cava, Alexander Wang and others) is only meant for those who already toned to their beach body. Khaki by Gap comes in mini sizes: up to size 10 (that’s size 14 for the U.K). While the Catwalk is targeted for sizing up, high street fashion takes the zero size side? (Gap via Jezebel)

Gap Khaki Collection models

Supermodels: A Bed Affair!

Not too long ago, Cindy Crawford’s bedding collection was presented to the world. Now we’re getting word about Helena Christensen working with Old Molly on her very own linens collection too!

Now how strange is that? having two supermodels in their 40s, designing bed sheets? En plus, Helena Christensen bedding collection for Old Molly (for which she’s also the spokesface) is charity oriented: the proceeds will go to Chernobyl Children’s Project International! Take that, Cindy! (hm, now that I’ve come to think about it, it puts Linda’s getting out of bed for no less than $10,000 in a completely different light!) (via, photo via)

Helena Christensen Old molly

Mischa Barton In New Handbags Ads

Starring under director extraordinaire Ashton Kutcher looks like a sure ticket to her once glamorous spotlight in celeb world. But why would anyone buy those tacky, cheap handbags Mischa Barton “designs” and advertises for (she’s just as bad actor in this ad campaign like in any of her acting gigs)!

Heavily embroided and so-last-season-animal-printed, Mischa Barton’s handbags lie in her shadow. But what is Mischa famous for? Being skinny? Getting arrested for DUI? Gaining weight? Being a TV-series model? Why should anyone buy/wear her bags? (photos via)

Mischa Barton Handbags collection ad campaign

Mischa Barton Handbags Collection ad Mischa Barton bags collection ad campaign

Acne’s Men Most Fashionable Accessory

Lately it’s all about masculin-feminin, the eternal wardrobe dilemma that’s so good for our shopping budget: buy once, for both of you!

Acne is high up on the fashion wave so let’s not overlook the power of trendsetters for their new release may look like something made for children when it’s actually a very slick, statement-ish accessory: the reinterpreted Bolo Tie! Would a splash of color spice up a classic men outfit? How stylish is it, really, to wear a Bolo Tie and who you’d see wearing this new Acne fashdoing? (via)

Colorful Bolo Tie Acne Jeans

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