Latest In Architecture Villa Louis Vuitton!

It’s not yet official, thus making this a very important news, but the Louis Vuitton Villa will mos def become an architecture must for every fashionista imagining her dream house.

The Vuitton Villa is, actually, a 960-square-foot store from Deauville, France. Privately inaugurated over the weekend, The Villa Vuitton is a simple, white fenced, white painted Tudor house. But do tell the truth – don’t you just love those LV monogrammed awnings? They should really consider branding those into mass retailing, they’d make a fortune! Would you fall for LV monogrammed awnings? Let’s say… the Murakami print kind? (via)

Villa Louis Vuitton

Dark Hair, The New It Hair Color?

Coco Rocha brunetteSummer is in the air but strangely no one seems to notice! Besides having our magazines stuffed with heavy goth editorials, our fav fashchameleon Coco Rocha just gone black. No longer a fierce redheaded, Coco Rocha has announced to the world that she’s with the Dark Side now and posted her new brunette hairdo. Will you go dark this summer? (OhSoCoco)

Angelina Jolie First Celeb Of The World!

Angelina Jolie forbesThe Paps Bible has just been issued: Forbes published The Celebrity 100 list, the list where celebs are ranked down from most to who cares.. And guess who takes most? Angelina Jolie (she’s also the most pregnant celeb ever since she’s reportedly baby bumping every second of every magazine-day!). Oh, Kate Moss only made it to 97th while Heidi Klum is on 78th place! Power to the preggies! (Forbes)

Beware! Fake Louboutins For $160!

Fake Louboutin pumpsEven if it’s negative, free publicity is always a gift from Heaven! The word is out that there’s a place where in exchange for $160 you can have your own pair of Louboutins! Fake Louboutins! is your destination if you’re looking for authentic real fake Louboutins! Can you really tell the difference? (The Cut)

Organic Beauty Must: Priti Nails Soy Based Nail Lacquer

A save-the-planet beauty kit must be put in place and I’ve got few ideas where to start assembling it! You fashenvironmentalist self will be delighted to know that there’s an eco-nail polish called Priti Nails on the market!

You already saw what a plain t-shirt can do to you, I don’t want to even start counting the ways cosmetics dig our skin’s path to destruction! Priti Nails sells soy-based nail lacquer for $12,50, complimenting soy polish remover for $22,50 and an entire spa collection for your delight! (more after the jump)

Priti Nails Soy based organic nail polish

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Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2009 Collection Ad Campaign

Where does the kitsch end and where does the fashion begin? Christian Louboutin needs no more introductions to the fashion world. Or any other world. His legendary red soles revolutionized the soles world forever.

What about the advertising world, then? Controversial but truly catchy, the new ad campaign from Christian Louboutin comes like a gong for the credit crunched fashion world. Taking the sure path of a certified success when hiring a great photographer (Peter Lippmann), Christian Louboutin’s Spring Summer 2009 collection took the still side of fashion photography by storm. (the story continues with more pictures right after the jump!)

Christian Louboutin SpringSummer 2009 collection 6

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Julianne Moore Does Vogue UK July 2009

I remember how impressed I was last year about Julianne Moore’s Vogue Paris cover! Totally unexpected and simply beautiful, it’s one of my favorite covers ever. Now I look at this Vogue UK July 2009 cover with the very same resplendissant Julianne Moore and the only thing that bugs me is the much too obvious fall air.

I know everything’s upside down in fashion world and when we, ordinary people of the world live in the summertime, it’s high winter in fashion or the other way around, but isn’t it summerish in the UK this time of the year? (more pictures after the jump!)

Julianne Moore Vogue July 2009 cover

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CFDA’s Nominees Photographed Wearing Their Creations

The designer is usually one step behind the model when presenting his/her creations. This time is different. CFDA’s Diane von Furstenberg decided to make things differently this year: instead of having models posing in designer creations, we now have designers showing their own work.

Jason Wu’s blue plated flowy dress worn under a suit vest looks strange. But not impossibly to digest. (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures!)

Jason Wu CDFA journal 2009

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