George Michael Freedom 90!

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We’re in a stage of super-ness. And because (and for a thousand other fashionable reasons), I just wanted to enjoy this beautiful song and most impressive video with you.

Sometimes the clothes do not make demands! (like we wouldn’t know better! Ha!). Linda Evangelista. Naomi Campbell. Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz. Freedom! No matter when, I’ll still look back on this video and sing along with those beautiful girls. The Supers. George Michael’s Freedom 90 was and still is a declaration of fashion and style first of all. Enjoy!


#1 Adriana on 11.07.08 at 10:30 am

I love George! Whatever he does or has done, I don’t care its George! This was George’s own idea to make this video. He did the same thing with “Too Funky”. I love it all, the song, the girls…..
Thanks Kpriss xxx

#2 Dolly Bird on 11.07.08 at 3:37 pm

Still love it and will do forever I think. Its become a milestone.
I also loved George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex”.One of the sexiest song and vid ever!
Other favs are “Jesus To A Child” and “Father Figure” with the beautiful Tania Coleridge/Harcourt Cooze.

#3 Adriana on 11.07.08 at 4:48 pm

Yessssssss, “Father Figure”…..of course…..Tania is gorgeous in that vid!!

#4 kpriss on 11.07.08 at 5:27 pm

Oh, I thought I was the only one with a soft spot for George Michael! In spite his incapacity to dance, he feels an impressive rhythm when it comes to singing!

Ah! and he surely knows how to make his videos!

#5 Adriana on 11.07.08 at 6:26 pm

…..I remember the tribute for Freddie Mercury. I watched it with a boy-friend who snubbed George….I was not pleased and asked him friendly to not say a word when he would appear on stage. I remember the chicken-skin I got when he sang (and he was the only who was able to sing Freddie’s songs) “Somebody to Love”….I was moved to tears and the boy-friend became an instant fan!! Oh yes, as Dolly Bird I love George forever….. What a voice…Kpriss nooooo, you’re not alone with that weak spot…..

(= typed with a big smile on my face….)

#6 Ellington on 11.09.08 at 1:07 pm

Love this video, its such fun and fun to watch. Thanks for this Kpriss! :)

#7 neina on 02.28.09 at 11:54 am

like to find the clip of george michaels/ beyounce dancing to if you like it put a ring on it?

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