Dare To Wear Fabulous Headpieces By Posh Fairytale Couture?

I love me a good headpiece! And I love creative, innovative people that spark my imagination and inspire me to listen to my heart and go beyond my comfort zone.

Wandering, looking for something really interesting to show you, I came across Posh Fairytale Couture! You should definitely see what Rachel is creating! Her headpieces are spectacular on all levels and while the rest of us are struggling to tame a bow headband, she’s taking a headpiece to an art stage worthy of Haute Couture Shows!

feathered headpiece posh fairytale couture

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Healthy Eating: Fat Free & Gluten Free Salad

Have you tried mixing a salad just because the colors go together well? I did and I came up with this salad I’m obsessed with for the past couple of days: my Fat Free & Gluten Free Rainbow Salad! Take a look below and tell me if the name fits!

I’ve developed an unknown allergy that’s keeping me busy itching for days. During those days (like now, for instance) I try to eat as healthy as possible, as allergen-free as possible. Which is really adventurous in an active household with four kids! But back to the salad!

colorful healthy salad

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DIY Stuart Weitzman Inspired Fringe Sandals

If you did your homework (or read Stylefrizz lately), you know that the fringe is in this year! I’m a girl of many shoes (not) and I always tend to treasure and transform rather than get on a shopping binge each season.

I had this pair of high heeled sandals I could easily adapt for the new ‘trends’ and I hope this will inspire you to update your wardrobe on a budget! It may sound complicated, tuning onto the last trends, but you’ll have to take my word for it: fringe-ing the sandals you already own may be easier than actually shopping for a new pair!

fringe heels diy black and white

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Model Sarah Varacalli Exclusive Interview

We all love fashion and we’re all fascinated by the backstages of this fabulous industry. Beyond the amazing clothes and the fantastic makeup, models are the salt&pepper of today’s fashion. They’re setting the tone, the trend and the making the fashion melody enchanting us all.

This, I hope, is the beginning of a permanent series here on Stylefrizz – Models Q&A, exclusive interviews with real fashion models! The very first story introduces Sarah Varacalli, a model you’ve seen here in Dita von Teese’s lingerie ad campaign:

Sarah Varacalli interview

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DIY Flowers Hair Accessories Inspired By Valentino Haute Couture

Each Spring I feel humbled and overwhelmed by the beauty and the energy taking over the nature. I’m almost tempted to believe my girl who is firmly convinced that that there must be some magical Pixie Dust and tiny Fairies taking care of each flower bud, of each growing green leaf!

Being asked about where I would wear the dotted tulle with bow headband and knowing how I first put it on for a walk in my own backyard, I thought something less haute and more casual was a must DIY! Here I am, with hair accessories inspired by the Valentino Spring 2015 Couture Show!

diy hair flowers tucked in how to

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10 Style Quotes To Dress And Live By

As the circumstances of fashion change with every new season, the premises remain the same: fashion is but a bouquet of social conditionings of our wardrobe. Style, however, regardless of the seasons and the designers ever-expanding collections, going against the general trends, style is unique and specific for each person.

The biggest confusion we seem to sink in nowadays is that we have to adopt a trend in order to have style. There’s simply no truth to that! So while you might take my words lightly, I included below (just) 10 quotes about style attributed to high fashion luminaries, fashion wisdom to dress and live by!

style quotes happy well dressed

the always Joyful Iris Apfel teaching us all a lesson from the Book of Happy Fashion & Style

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DIY Haute Couture Headband: Giambattista Valli Black Bow With Dotted Veil

Want to experience the very lush treat of wearing (yet another) Haute Couture accessory? It only takes a couple of minutes to make and you’ll feel like a catwalk Queen just putting it on!

Ever since I saw this wonder on the Giambattista Valli Haute Couture Spring 2015 catwalk, I knew I wanted it! So I prepped a black bow made from a wide, elasticized fabric, a dotted black tulle and wide black elastic, my loyal glue gun and my trusted camera! Are you ready? Let’s take the diy road to Couture!

Giambattista Valli DIY headband bow veil

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Chappie Fashion Items Identified

If you’re a fan of AI movies or of Neill Blomkamp’s cinematic perspective, you have to see Chappie! Although I was a bit hesitant, knowing the main idea behind the movie (Artificial Intelligence), I admit I was completely blown away by the ultimate twist and the visuals of the movie. You will be too! Where the Wachowskis movies are failing, Neill Blomkamp is brilliantly sustaining and radiating: smart, fun SF movies putting ideas out there without over-speculating and over-philosophizing!

Back to the fashion items – a rather hard topic to tackle since the film’s main character is a robot and right next to him stand and act brilliantly the Southafrican duo Die Antwoord. Even Wolverine has a new mullet haircut and a wardrobe straight from the M.A.S.H tents! Focusing on what we were able to find out so far:

Chappie movie fashion items identified

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