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Christy Turlington W Magazine August 2008

I really like this girl! In her 40s and still going strong. It was a fine generation of models. Beauties who knew how to stay away from all that substance abuse madness and away from the heavy spotlight that could ruin anyone’s life.

Christy was one of my favorites and this pictures show just about why. She’s in great shape and her face is beyond photo friendly. At first I didn’t like this pictorial but the more I look at it I find it surprising and strong (not to mention the incredible spoil to see those Prada shoes at work!). Is it me or Christy looks tragic in these photos (click thumbnails to see larger images)

Christy Turlington W Magazine August 2008 Black and White Photos
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Daria Werbowy Vogue Paris August 2008

Isn’t this a bit harsh for a summer cover? Then again, it’s a Vogue Paris issue, so everything’s allowed. Even a black and red cover in august.

The pictorial is all black and white signed Inez and Vinoodh and of course made by Carine Roitfeld. I like the photos. And Daria has a powerful look. She almost makes it to the “supermodel” standard. Or maybe it’s because of the retro air from the photos. And the ones where she’s wearing a sheep for vest or coat or boots are really beautiful. The contrast between her skinny legs and those sheep-boots has a cliché sound to it but still makes a great impression. Is this Vogue Paris working for you? (the pictorial follows right after the jump)

Daria Werbowy Vogue Paris august 2008 cover
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Coco Rocha Muse Magazine No13

She’s clearly not the most beautiful model around but Coco has something…

Something more than a scared kid air. That supposed innocence playing in her eyes gives her a special look, some unforgettable image stubbornly occupying your mind even when she’s out of sight (there’s another picture after the jump).

Coco Rocha Muse Magazine No 13 Cover
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Laetitia Casta For Louis Vuitton

Ever since Marc said he’s dumping Victoria Beckham and he’s going back to models for the Fall – Winter 2008-2009 Ad Campaign, rumors bloomed.

Since there was this nineties frenzy, we’re thinking, of course, the winner would be one of the supers. Now it’s not about Marc Jacobs label, it’s about Louis Vuitton but we’re still happy to speculate. However, given the last ad-splash with Mert and Marcus and all the nineties supers, it’s a risqué bid. Now they could consider they’ve already been on the supers-road and do something else. But no, rumors point towards Laetitia Casta who was supposedly in a photo shoot this week for LV. Good news?

Laetitia Casta Miu Miu Ads
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Alice Dellal For Agent Provocateur

After going goth bridal with Kate Moss, Agent Provocateur is testing our nerves… How far can they go without making us forget why we ever liked AP.

They dumped Kate Moss. Poor girl, she’s getting every door slammed into her face. First YSL and now Agent Provocateur. Just when we thought the supers were back, AP turns the page and takes on a greater challenge – to transform Alice Dellal into something at least human to look at. I wonder if they’ll manage that! What makes Alice more interesting than Kate? Or more attractive?

Alice Dellal Various Images
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Naomi Campbell Denounces Racism in Fashion

Seems like black models don’t get enough attention. Truth being said, we don’t get to see much of them, these days, on the catwalk.

Naomi Campbell herself is against color discrimination:
“Women of colour are not a trend. That’s the bottom line. It’s a pity that people don’t always appreciate black beauty. In some instances, black models are being sidelined by major modelling agencies.”

Naomi Campbell, Iman, Lydia Kebede

Remembering her golden days when the other supermodels (Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington) were conditioning their presence on the catwalk on Naomi’s presence in the same fashion show, she’s speaking out against racism in fashion.

Catwalk Picture

Because she’s an “oldie”, only she can protest. Who of the new faces from the catwalks would risk their career for a fight with the giants against color-less runways?

You think this racism is really happening? Or it’s Naomi’s paranoia at work?


Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell Mentors for the New Models Generation

Supermodels era is long gone. The good old times when Cindy, Christy, Linda, Naomi, Tatjana, rocked the runways. Now it’s a fashion industry spawning hundred of new faces per season.

Good or bad it’s for those who have the time to judge. Since we live at light speed, we only have a moment to see the fresh faces and pass on to the next show.

Harold Tillman, chairman of the British Fashion CouncilThe British Fashion Council, however, took things to the next level, stating via its chairman, Harold Tillman: “These are women that younger models admire. We should get these original supermodels on board and get them more involved. Many girls are looking after themselves but there is unfortunately a minority that isn’t. We need the rest of Europe and the rest of the world on board.”

Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell

Without starting a rhetorical debate on model’s health (or related topics) I wonder why in the world we complain so much and don’t do something about education? It’s clearly there that all starts. Not on the runway, not with every passing fashion season. Girls don’t need a commission over their heads, or the public opinion putting the finger on them. They need good education.

Role models that run their life just like every other human being does and make mistakes like every one of us don’t make much of an education (or maybe it’s each her specialty – like Naomi is in abusive conduct).

What do you think? Is the British Fashion Council’s initiative to board the world on a hunting party against all evil on the runway bliss from heaven? Or it’s just another move to paint the surface and keep the roots rotten?