Kate Moss Takes The Wedding Dark Side For Agent Provocateur

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I usually don’t refer to myself as a deeply romantic kind of person. I like to believe (and so I’ve been told to be) that I’m more of a realistic, practical person.

Not too classic either, not to edgy, rather normal (and as dull as some may see it, normality is bliss!) and judging, through my perspective, is a matter of applied experience. And judging this advertising campaign (that I announced you in an earlier post) is resuming my good will to “what was thaaaat?”. At first I wanted to take things on the artsy side.

Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur Let Them Eat Kate

Then on the science-fiction side (the scenes reminding me, at the very beginning “Minority Report”, the haunting story of Tom Cruise’s character when remembering his lost family) and still made no sense at all. What message does this campaign deliver?

Kate Moss Agent Provocateur Ad Campaign Images

Besides a prequel to Kate Moss wedding (said to be in September)? Because to me it looks more like fuel on hallucinogenic and live like a parasite kind of message. But that’s me, like I said, I’m a normal person.. What was your feeling?

(via nymag, tfs)


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#4 Katie on 03.06.09 at 8:45 pm

I am thinking that second picture is supposed to represent an, “if looks could kill” sort of thing.

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