Osman Yousefzada Little Black Dress Collection for Mango

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So today we have had the official launch of the Osman Yousefzada’s capsule collection “Little Black Dress” for Mango.

Fast Fashion goes back to black? Or it’s the simplest manner to settle back a sponsorship agreement (mng sponsored Osman’s catwalk). I don’t mind having more black dresses on the market. I’ll just ignore them as usual! But everyone’s making such a fuss about this collection, I had to write about it.

Osman Yousefzada Little Black Dress Collection for Mango

(in the picture above from left to right – Vanessa Miedler from Tatler, $80, Lina Basma from Selfridges $100, Kim Hersov from Harpers Bazaar $100, Stacey Duguid from Elle $160, Emma Elwick from Vogue $100)

Besides the fact that some of the heavy “style scene” names are fans of Osman’s creations (Kate Moss, Lily Cole, Thandie Newton), the dresses don’t look that appealing to me (ok, maybe the one ending up in blue? As a ray of hope breaking the black?). By all means, I own a little black dress myself! Never worn it, though… Couldn’t really find the occasion to show my “serious” self in a lbd.

Osman Yousefzada Little Black Dress Collection for Mango Launching at Selfridges

Are you one of the lucky few to have assisted Selfridges launch this morning? Were you impressed by Osman’s Little Black Dress Collection for Mango? If not, we could always talk about the “little black dress” in general – is the lbd really unavoidable in one’s wardrobe?
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#1 Linda on 03.11.08 at 2:48 pm

Come to think of it, I don’t have a lbd in my wardrobe. I do have tons of dresses with black as the main color plus variations of patterns and whatnot. Therefore, I don’t think the lbd is unavoidable as one might think. Like you said, you never found the right occasion to wear yours even though you have one. :P

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#3 sahar on 08.10.08 at 2:42 am

hello.resend me new dress.please

#4 kpriss on 08.12.08 at 5:42 am

Hello Sarah, I think you wanted to write this message somewhere else. This site (stylefrizz.com) is not a store so I cannot help you with your request. Good luck with your dress!

#5 siya on 09.14.10 at 11:58 am

i dnt really knw what to buy at shops and the only black dress i have is the one i wore once at a funeral

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