Canvas Sneakers Comparison: Converse Vs Cheap Canvas Sneakers

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My Converse love-hate story goes way back. Years have gone by and as refined my (fashion) taste, I started to appreciate rare, special items. It was 2008, I think, when I bought my first special edition Converse sneakers!

A gorgeous shade of pink, more eyelets than the usual All-Star model, a handful of $ (what, special editions tend to cost more), I was the proud owner and wearer of a beautiful pair of Converse All Star Double details Ox Raspberry/White: double midsole stripes, double eyelets, double the enchantment! Two weeks later they started to fall apart. And so did my love for Converse.

canvas sneakers comparison Converse vs Dunlop

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Converse pink worn out Stylefrizz

They had all the signs of an authentic Converse sneaker – all the stars, all the branded R where they were supposed to be, all the fabric and the stitches and the vulcanized outsoles were perfectly executed, inside and outside this was an authentic merchandise, bought from a sales representative. Hurray! Then why the falling apart? How was I to trust a shoe, as overhyped as any Converse shoe is, if it starts falling apart on both sides in just two weeks?

converse black and white worn out stylefrizz

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Mind you, I wasn’t even putting in extra mileage into the shoes – I was really careful about my wear-and-tear experience, especially since my routine only involved driving to the preschool and to the park on baby stroller-duty, 2 hours/day!

Converse sneakers worn out prematurely

Now that my descent from Converse Cloud 9 had begun, I started feeling highly uncomfortable in my walks and as the shoes fell apart even more, the love I had for the classic canvas Converse sneakers was slowly and steadily replaced by indifference and then contempt.

Converse sneakers worn out too soon

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At such point that I completely refused to know/write/publish/wear anything Converse related. I was hurt. I was cheated by a brand I loved and praised. 7 years later, my Adored Husband decided it was time I gave the canvas sneakers another try and he surprised me with a pair of flowery Dunlop sneakers. With the money we paid on the special edition Converse 7 years ago, we could now buy 5 pairs of Dunlop canvas sneakers (on sale, mind you)!

canvas sneakers flowers Dunlop

I have yet to report on the wear-and-tear experience as I’m only wearing them for 2 days but I feel confident. If Dunlop doesn’t know rubber and vulcanizing, then who does, right?

flowers canvas sneakers perfect for summer

Do share your experience with Converse sneakers, or Converse-like sneakers (Vans etc). Should my confidence in canvas sneakers be restored by the pretty Dunlop reps, I’m considering Superga next – anyone tried, tested (and is willing to share the experience)?

summer sneakers summer hat


#1 Ellington on 09.26.15 at 1:18 pm

i am so surprised that your Converse runners fell apart!
I have just retired a pair that I have had for over 10 years, they are now my garden shoes!
And I have a new fabu black denim pair that I LOVE!
As for me I am a Converse Chica!
The Dunlops are cute I hope that you have better joy with them!

#2 kpriss on 09.27.15 at 8:42 am

I was in complete and utter disbelief, I really wanted them to be fakes, if you can believe it! I wanted them to be fakes so I wouldn’t fell out of love with them -_- that’s why I lost trust in the brand … I’m simply afraid to try another pair. A week of wearing in, the Dunlops seem lovely to wear and sturdy. I hope they will last me longtime, they’re so cute and unbelievably affordable!

#3 Ana on 09.27.15 at 11:38 am

I am sorry to say, but I think you got fakes Converse , girlfriend. Those breaks in the rubber wouldnt happen to original ones in such a short time. My Converses are + 10 yo ( yes, I got mine around 2002, mind you …) and they still look better than that- Ok, the colour is washed out but the rubber part and the lace orifices( which are ruined on my children’s ones just within months ) are still in perfect condition. And for the first 4 years or so I wore them a lot, almost every week end. I think special editions are cool and worth the investment. My hubbie owns a Puma special edition since 2000!!! for every single work out at gym( 5 times/week and never worn outdoors ) and they are basically spotless.
Like Ellington I wish you better luck with your Dunlops. They look lovely

#4 kpriss on 09.27.15 at 11:34 pm

you know, I wish you were right! And Ellington too! But I checked and double checked, the sales reps is legit, the shoes have all the signs and numbers, labels, stitching :( my Converse luck ran out ;-)

I wish my faith would be restored…
until then, I’ll grow my faith with each and every one of your stories! (btw – I’m a sucker for special editions too! and I love those customizing tools they have now for sneakers!)

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