Jim Bianco Shut Up And Kiss Me And More

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I have to share this with you! I know I said we should do a “by request” thing, but that was before I had an obsession on Jim Bianco’s Shut Up and Kiss Me!

It’s my new discovery, my new power play, heavy rotation thing. It’s funny, mad and sweet at the same time. My fashladies and fashgents, I hope you had a great week! Here comes the weekend! Come, join me for a crazy sing along – Jim Bianco’s Shut Up and Kiss Me is so adorable, you’ll instantly fall for it! (also – it’s a special mention for my Adored Husband whom I love and treasure and whatnot for all eternity and beyond! Shut Up and Kiss Me!) (oh, and also right after the jump, Sinners and few words about Jim Bianco and his music)

How was Shut up and Kiss Me? I think you’re gonna hear it a lot this summer and I also believe some romcoms are going to pick it up for their soundtrack? I love rom coms! Silly, funny romcoms that make you feel lighthearted and smiling silly and bright when you’re watching! Dark movies make me frown. Frown is bad. Frown equals wrinkles! And you all read what mdinah said about dermarollers – it’s a gazillion needles on a roll to make your wrinkles go away! No, wrinkles are bad – frowning is bad – dark movies are bad! Yaaaay for romantic comedies! (don’t argue, please, it’ll soon be my birthday so be nice! -wink)

Let’s hear a nice song before we get to Jim Bianco, a’it?

Who is Jim Bianco? An American independent musician born in 1976 in the heart of Brooklyn. He actually studied jazz piano at the Berklee College of Music (where he graduated in music education) and then he spent some two years or so in Europe. After that he came back to the States and moved to LA in 2000. He refined in guitar playing, polished his singing skills and started playing at the Hotel Café. The rest is pretty predictable – his act caught attention and he got popular. Hence, if you’re interested, he has three studio albums already released and he even has a virtual tour of one of his albums here.


#1 ajginger on 06.04.11 at 2:33 pm

Hahah, great songs to sing doing a knees-up with a Guinness or two, or three or…since we are all sinners! Loves it. :P :D

#2 kpriss on 06.06.11 at 6:50 am

I’m so happy you like it! We’re on “sinners” heavy rotation now ;)

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