Elemis Japanese Camelia Oil, Victoria Beckham’s Pregnancy Body Secret

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There’s something buzzing around the interwebs about a certain product that worked wonders on Victoria Beckham’s pregnant body – it would appear that she used the Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil throughout her pregnancy (Victoria is scheduled for a c-section on July 4th, so that would place her in her third trimester right now) and she got zero stretch marks.

I’m certain that Elemis’ Japanese Camellia Oil is a great blend and the effectiveness of the Japanese camellia is well documented throughout the years, however, one should note that stretch marks are a condition of the skin (almost) independent of the outside care provided. Long story short : if your mother experienced stretch marks, you’ll most certainly do so yourself. Our beloved friend, mdinah could come give us a scientific opinion regarding the stretch marks myths, but my personal experience with four pregnancies should increase the credibility of the above stated. If you’re feeling like trying the Japanese Camellia Oil, you can head over to Elemis here. (VB Twitter via)

Pregnant Victoria Beckham Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil


#1 mdinah on 05.30.11 at 2:43 pm

You are absolutely right. Very few things can improve them once you got it.
New treatments( the remission is NOT 100%) include:
. several sessions with DermaRoller followed by Epidermic Growth Factor topically applied.
(by the way: dermaroller is fantastic for wrinkles and to tense up the jaw line-if you are brave enough to submit yourself to chinese-like torture. I do it to my sister, who is 54 and has a”wrinkle free” face without Botox)
.Fraxel laser , which basically is a very sophisticated version of dermaroller / acupunture( I mean here the injure caused by the needle, not the release of endorphines).
IF Victoria doesnt have stretch marks(what I highly doubt)she is indeed very lucky. I never saw a woman without them.Sometimes they show up at 18-19yo.

#2 kpriss on 05.30.11 at 11:50 pm

thanks mdinah! I had no idea about the DermaRoller! It looks painful though :P – is it? I’ll look more into it, see what principles it uses but it basically looked like skin stimulation?

I too, much like you, doubt she doesn’t have stretch marks! ;)

#3 trix on 05.31.11 at 7:39 am

My mother had 5 kids and I guarantee you she doesn’t have a single stretch mark!

I, on the other hand, got stretch marks when I was 13.

It’s odd, I know – and I wish it was genetic – maybe then I wouldn’t have any either!

#4 mdinah on 05.31.11 at 2:07 pm

Yes Kpriss, it is skin stimulation but here from the very “core” of the skin, from the deeper layers. The idea is to fill those fractures in the epidermis with your own cels.
The roller is painfull depending on the area you use it. I only use the medical version (bigger needles)as i dont believe the domestic version can do the job.Patients don’t complain when we treat belly/ thighs/butt.
I do my own face and the area around the eyes and middle of forehead is totally fine, no pain. The jawline and neck are impossible for me without topic anesthesia(EMLA cream,which your family doc can prescribe) or cryoanesthesia if you don’t get the prescription. The epidermic growth factor is very difficult(and expensive) to get. only your dermatologist will have access to it( its what we use for treatment on burn patients). Of course is always better to ask for a friendly hand to do the roller for you…
Solar exposition is totally forbiden for at least 10 days after treatment,otherwise you can get dark spots.
Hope it was helpfull :-)

#5 kpriss on 06.01.11 at 12:51 am

So it’s good for the body too, not just the face! It sounds good when you put it all peacefully, in writing. How come it didn’t blew out in press as the ultimate remedy for skin blemishes and more? For how long is this around? Is there any time / age limit to it? Are the “patients” in post op like after any surgical intervention?

yes, yes, helpful, absolutely!

#6 mdinah on 06.01.11 at 2:59 am

yes, dont forget that i included face treatment as an “addendun” in the post. the main point was the stretch marks and they occur almost everywhere. I saw them even on arms and shoulders..

Definetely you can treat all areas. It has been around here in Europe for at least 4 years now. There was only the docs device at first. Lately they put the home version in the market.
I think they have a problem on marketing it. Lots of people are afraid of injuries or have aversion to needles.besides ,the lobbying of the filler’s makers.
I am very happy with the results.
As far as I know the only absolute contra indication is hemophilia. occasionaly in healthy pacients there is MINIMUM bleeding in some very delicate areas, like under the eyes, but if you apply ice on it, its fixed.
We normally do half face/half zone at first, so the patient can compare results.

#7 ajginger on 06.01.11 at 9:34 am

Oh mdinah where is your salon or clinic? I love to come. You give such great information! Thanks. I ain’t not afraid of needles. I know what acupuncture can do and have done it quite some times. That acupuncturist I trusted is gone though.
Yes, I heard about the Dermaroller and that one can use it at home but I think with things like this one better should consult a professional.

#8 kpriss on 06.01.11 at 11:11 pm

hmmm… mdinah you’re really full of precious infos! What Dermaroller stands for is something I definitely can relate to. I find it logical and, from what you say, effective. However, it’s also maybe too soon to call this a wonder intervention? I’m sure studies have been conducted, all pointing positive facts about the method. I just wish if ever the time comes and I would want to do something like that, to overcome my “fear” of needles. Not fear “per se”, more likely un – fondness.

@ajginger I really admire you acupuncture people! The mere thought of turning into a hedgehog is enough to turn me off for the day! I’ve got enough frizz as it is in my head, no need to emphasize that with needles! (I know, I may sound a bit funny and weird, I just .. haven’t discovered acupuncture yet?).

#9 ajginger on 06.02.11 at 7:05 am

Kpriss, I have not find a good acupuncturist yet but if one is the right man or woman; it is great. It doesn’t hurt. It is not supposed to hurt. And when it is done right the way you feel is so different. I need one almost desperately.
I ain’t scared for any needle. Being relaxed is very important too. Jaja…. I read about this DermaRoller and I would love to undergo such a treatment. Done by a professional though. Someone who really knows what he or she is doing.

#10 mdinah on 06.02.11 at 7:53 am

let me make one point clear: I didnt mean that acupunture is a treatment for wrinkles or stretch marks.
what I said is: the tiny rays from the FRAXEL laser have similar effects to the acupunture needles (a very small injure in the skin). it was a just an analogy to make it more understandable.
the whole science of acupunture is something much more complicated and I have no knowledge on it.
kpriss, there is NO wonder interventions.never. there isnt a universal treatment that fits everybody.
each person/patient is a different universe and we have to adapt to his/her characteristics.
The problem in the cosmetic industry in my point of view is just about it: a new miraculous potion which works wonder for everybody… every month there is a new one in the market. Do they work? No. do they sell? L’oreal owner’s fortune is 14 Billion…

#11 ajginger on 06.02.11 at 8:26 am

mdinah, I know you replied to Kpriss, we got off topic. I understand and agree to every word you wrote above. I love to read your posts the funny ones and the informative ones like you replied to at this article.

#12 mdinah on 06.02.11 at 8:32 am

jinjer darling, it was for all of you.
with pleasure:-))
I enjoy your comments as well :-)

#13 ajginger on 06.02.11 at 8:47 am

Ahhh, sitting here on my balcony with the headphones on and still listening to the Heavenly Hundred albums (Muse now….ohh…somethimes tearing up) jinjer says thanks again; you are a sweetheart. :) :*

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